The idiocracy of trying to "Encourage" people to play tank/flex

Jeff made a point on how pointless it is to try and convince people to play a role that they don’t want to play, and for the first time ever it’s something we agree on.

Imagine not understanding that everyone has different behavioural patterns, personality types and way of thinking or thoughts, that the whole time, you’ve been trying to “encourage” people to do what they don’t wanna do, let alone one specific thing?..

See how stupid that is?

Ignore the forum bots who keep trying to advocate people to do stuff that they don’t want to, or won’t end up doing because they don’t want to do it, despite their ages and online demeanor, these people and most gamers either have minimal understanding of basic psychology 101, socializing or just going outside, it’s just what happens when you allow yourself to be consumed by the online world, I mean, a perfect example of this is that specialism is demonized in gaming for some hilariously backwards and ludicrous reason, and the idiotic idea that you can or should try to convince people to do something they don’t want to do especially in a video game should be ignored.

Alright, thank you for reading.

Wrong forum.
This is not a bug report.

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I’ll ask someone to switch, if they won’t fine, but I don’t lose anything by just asking :woman_shrugging:

Don’t worry, they have been posting in the wrong forum for a while now.

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And I’ve been posting well thought out feedback with logical reasoning for that same while, it’s better I do it this way than have my argumentative and troublesome nature make a dumpster fire of general discussion and have history repeat itself, lmfao.

None of what you post here gets acknowledged by the development team because your essentially writing up on the bug report forum. They are different teams.

If you want to provide feedback doing it in the right subforum will give them more of an opportunity to read it then it would here.

And you will have to deal with the replies, essentially you can also control your notifications on the thread you created.

I can’t post in general discussion, so my posts get moved, but I agree, just because you believe something happens the way that you believe it does, means it does, I could discredit this right now if you’d like?

Your naivety is hilarious.

Now I understand why you cannot handle people replying to your posts. If you cannot handle replies, don’t bother coming to the forums.

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Who said I cannot handle them? they are being dealt with accordingly, you are being dealt with accordingly, so I’m going to ask you again, would you like me to discredit the idea that they do not read my posts or not?

You’re just another ignorant person who hides behind fallacies. Lmfaooo.

Your the only ignorant person here, considering you have posted in the wrong thread multiple times. I have already told you in the past, and that completely flew over your head.

As for not being able to post in the #general-discussion. You will need to refer to this Unable to post in other forums? Information here!

Also why are you asking me about discrediting? This is your own fault.

Lmfao, notice how you are changing the subject, SCREW IT, I’m going to do it anyway, one moment… :point_up:t5:

My balance change suggestion and analysis of why mei is broken:

“As someone who enjoys mei, I’ve always acknowledged that the pillar concept is just not fair to the victim, because even if the enemy team managed to break a pillar, it’s still not wide enough for most hero’s and any tank, to escape, and even if they do, they’ll be dead by then, but with these changes, quick focus fire towards the wall rewards your trapped teammate a well earned escape, or at least the chance for one depending on the target and how fast your team are at breaking the wall, but these changes actually make your focus fire actually matter at all levels of play while allowing the wall to still be effective.”

The result:


Ice Wall

  • Cooldown increased from 10 to 13 seconds
  • Player collision now allows large heroes to fit through 1 pillar gaps"

I don’t play around…


Now hush up noob fanboy, go troll another post, lmfaooo. :clap:t5: :wave:t5: