Son having panic attack over changes to custom game editor

Probably nothing can be done but my son is obsessed with number symmetry. The new changes to the PS4 custom game editor that scale attributes by 10 now instead of by 5s is breaking his mind…seems stupid on the surface but OCD is real and his anxiety is real. Perhaps there could be an ‘advanced’ tab where scalers could typed, allowing for single integer increments. Or please put it back to incrementing by 5s.


I completely understand this is a sensitive issue. However, feedback on how the game works should be placed in the General forum so the developers will see it. This forum is generally monitored by Customer Support and MVPs like me. If you can’t post there, follow these steps: Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!

Thanks for the reply, I’m not sure how to post to general discussion…I followed the hyperlink in your reply and successfully linked my blizzard account to my PSN account (I do own Overwatch for PS4), but still I only have options for bug report or tech support. I went to the general forum and tried to start a new topic but the interface behaves as if that option is ‘greyed out’. Perhaps I’m missing something?

Logout and log back in, it may also take up to 24 hrs.