Roadhog needs to be removed from the Tank category

No roadhog isn’t a tank…

I’ve heard it all. Body blocking really doesn’t count when it’s much harder to know how much damage you’re actually blocking in first person. Hammond can do it well in ball form, Roadhog cannot.

And even if some roadhog players actually do their job and tank, it’s still a small chance you’re gonna get players that want to do the role they signed up to play. DPS/flanking roadhogs don’t do crap for the team and blizzard knows this. Which is why I hope they remove him from the tank category so that he stops being such a large burden for the team.

Tbh in my biased opinion I think roadhog is low-key the worst character design in the game. For a long time we had to deal with Hog hooking players through and around walls, that along with his incapability to not feed the enemy team, and to top it all off his role in 2-2-2 is meaningless

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