Unable to post in other forums

I have read through and checked here: Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!

I have:
1: active licence
2: Pc only
3: no parental controls setup
4: no suspentions to my knowledge
5: No linked accounts to anything, i linked to my G account which is what my email is, relogged and still had the same issue.

May i get some assistance in this issue?

I have also logged in with a different web browser incase its a cache issue but the results are still the same.

I see posts from you in many of the other forums, so I’m confused about what issue you’re addressing?


Ahh yeah that,
I modified the URL to get to the places that are not avaliable to me.
Its a temp workaround so i can get help with this.

This is what the site looks like to me:

Are you using browser addons that might be preventing parts of the page to load? Your list of forums looks like similar to mine, just missing a couple of them.

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nope, ive used another browser to check its not the web browser with no addons.

This is a very interesting case. My next recommendation is to open a ticket with the staff. They may see this/chime in here first, but it’s best to get the ball rolling with your place in line for the ticket.

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Cool ill link this post so they are up to speed.

Thanks for helping out!