Blizzard not fixing existing problems

How about the developers focus on fixing the fact that cheating and hacking is in about 50% of the matches. I even see it regularly in quick play now, instead, they thought it would be a good idea to put out an over powered half thought out new character.

One of the most frustrating things on this game is getting killed multiple times in a competition level match by someone using an obvious aim bot, but if you finally have enough and leave the match… you get banned.

But, ya… thanks for echo…I guess…

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I think the developers make a bunch of strange, not great decisions, but on this issue, I’ll defend them. Cheating is not something you can easily fix and have it not be a problem anymore. It’s more like anti-viral software–you need to keep adapting to the threats, and by nature, you’re always probably behind the curve.

What would be more productive is asking what the best way to report cheating is. Help them identify threats, so they can address them.

Also, how do you know they’re cheating? When I played FPS in the past, I could often beat people I suspected to be cheating. My point being, not everyone who seems to be cheating may be cheating. Some players are just good.

Update: read this: Massive ban wave happening

I have seen 2 hackers in the last two months