Overwatch 2, release date and beta questions

hi, i was wondering when overwatch 2 is suppose to come out and is it going to be anything like coh=city of heroes ? also how could i get into the beta?

There is no plans or announcements for any preview betas at this time and there is no planned release date for Overwatch 2. Continue to follow playoverwatch.com and twitter.com/playoverwatch for any breaking news regarding Overwatch 2. You view a list of publicly known details about Overwatch 2 in this topic:

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Please have the ranking for our playing based on a match and skill of playing then the way it is now on wins and losses. If our ranking was based on skill and how we did per match the rankings would be true, as it is not it is based on wins and losses and how well you grouped up. Please Please incorporate this into the ranking, I beg of you.

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