Topic - Genji Buff

Genji honestly didn’t need a buff. This is gonna be one of the most annoying seasons to play with tracer and genji both being OP and just buzzing around. This game needs a serious rework. Also Zarya needs a laser rework as it shoots too far, torbjorn needs his turret worked badly, should be a 180 vision to reward actual good placement.

Genji’s not OP. In fact, the “nanoblade” combo you guys always complained about should be even easier to counter. If you have a Zen or Lucio, by the time Genji gets his ult, they should have already generated theirs. There are so many ways to counter the hero that you guys are not taking advantage of. If he was so OP, why doesn’t he dominate higher ranks. The answer is simple. It’s because lower ranks don’t know what the heck they’re doing and can’t counter the hero. It’s similar to Reaper. He’s bad in higher ranks but really good in lower ranks.


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