New hero concept

Hey guys, since I do not have a gaming setup that would be enough to run the game properly I had to stop playing the game. However I am still following the OW league and what I experienced that shields are just key to win matches(so is in competitve yeah yeah) . So since I cannot play the game I was trying to figure out a hero that can deal with shields, so maybe it could turn around the meta a little bit. I honestly don’t know if it would be viable but here is my creation about this hero.
Hero’s name:
Lore:General is a middle aged man who was fighting in the omnic war. He found Morrison(Soldier:76) wounded after the overwatch base was destroyed. General was the main person who led the research group that helped Soldier:76 to get his augmented and futuristic form. However General wanted Soldier:76 by his side, Soldier wanted to walk his own path alone.

General is a type of man who likes to use older weapons such as machine guns, shotguns, grenades etc.

Main weapon: Machine gun
Second weapon:Shotgun
Right-click: Weapon change
General changes between his main and second weapon.
E: Cluster bomb
General throws a grenade that explodes into 3 little grenade on impact.
Enemies that are directly by the grenade take 20% more damage from General’s attacks for 3seconds.

Shift: General bursts into sprinting for a limited time. (5s or something around that)
Shift+ctrl: General can slide while sprinting. While sliding he takes 20%less dmg.

Q: Rocket launcher
General uses his rocket launcher and shoots a rocket that can instantly destroy shields(1 shield/ultimate). Upon impact the rocket explodes that does aoe dmg around it in a small area. (Same as hitting another hero with it) .

I am sorry if my english is not perfect but I was trying my best.

What do you guys think about it? Would it be viable or just dump it? I didn’t really get deep in the lore that would be just a little starter.

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