Doomfist ( Tank Class )

I’ll try to keep it short.
1. Scrap Rocket punch . Let’s make him more of a melee fighter like Brigitte.
2. Give Doomfist 400 hp no shield
3. Keep uppercut but lower the range . Lower the cooldown by 1 second. To a 5 second cooldown.
4. Keep slam at 6 second cooldown.
5. Get rid of Metero Strike. Give him a new special. It would be called Quick Hunter. It would cut in half his cooldowns and increase mobility like Genji but just slightly faster.

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I can see you don’t have access to it so please read this thread: Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!

Can you copy and past this to general fourms for me. It would be greatly appreciated.

I would do so, but i actually wouldn’t be going with this post as i find this a bad change. This would change my opinion within the forums, i recommend you do it yourself.

Not to be rude, but if you’d really like to have others see it you’ve got to do it there.

I’m sorry but i hope you have a good day!

I figured out how to go to general discussion but the account is my brother so I can’t without his permission.

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