Still unable to post/create topics in the general forum

It’s been over 72 hours since I’ve linked my account with my battlenet.

What gives?

Did you logout and log back in? You may also need to delete your cookies.

Yup, just did both and still can’t post.

You may need to open a ticket with support.

I’ve done everything support has asked. It is still limiting me to these two forums. Isn’t this something that can be lifted by one of the mods?


Sorry for the confusion. The overall issue here is your Blizzard account is not linked to your console account with the game on it. We have a sticky post issue Here.

Note if you still can’t post after doing all of these steps you need to log out and back in. I have confirmed you have no console accounts linked to this Blizzard account.


Playstation Network

Connected to Klam_Slam

Hello, it says I am connected. Am I doing something wrong?


We still don’t see a record of you connecting your PSN account to on our end, at least on this email. Can you try unlinking and relinking it, and double checking that you’re logged in to the proper email address to post on the forums?