Not Enough Time To Rejoin Competitive Games

So this is a complaint about the ten seconds worth of time to join a competitive game after that person disconnects before the game starts. Tonight friend disconnected but was still able to join in the game, however because he is only given 10 seconds, there is no way for him to join back in time. The game ended and he lost 50 SR. This design flaw alone has lost him over 200 SR and he is not happy. The time limit to join back in a game needs to be increased in order for people to have a chance of not losing all their SR due to your server issues.

It is strongly recommended that your friend avoids any more attempts to play competitive play. Remember that 10-second countdown is not for him, but as a warning alert to all remaining players that the ranch will canceled so that they don’t freak out when they are kicked to the main menu.

Remember the message “lost connection to the server” is not an indication that there is a problem with the server, but something disrupting his connection to the server regardless if he’s being disconnected from the internet entirely or not. Have your friend post here if he does need assistance troubleshooting the causes of his disconnection.

no worries, I was more concerned about letting you know.


This is a super old thread of yours that you bumped, WyomingMyst is just a volunteer, and this is the wrong forum for feedback. You want to post this in general discussion. We don’t take feedback here, we just try to help fix tech issues.

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