Wild Theory: New Japanese map teasing MAMA HONG!?

I know this has been well thought out as being a female ninja with a fox companion…but a part of me muses that, like Britt, what if the fox theme is also an elaborate misdirection as well and that the hero will actually be, not a punky little ninja maiden with a foxy sidekick…but a grizzled old former assassin turned cat-lady/ Cat cafe running housewife MAMA HONG!.

I mean there is just as much evidence for this as well as the Fox girl, the Cat Cafe, the Tiger Club (I’m theorising a base for a tiger clan style assassin family, lower class rivals to the shimadas). I see Mama as the retired matriarch of this clan, now running a “respectable” Cat Cafe with her favourite pet Caracol wild cat as her constant companion. Though retired, she still has lost none of her skills and maintains great respect from her fellow tiger clan members.
With Gengi and Hanso gone from the Shimada clan, methinks these lower clans might take the power vacuum at Shimada as a chance to move up in the rankings in clan dominance and move out the shadow of the Shimadas and take up residence in the castle themselves.

I admit again, it’s a wild theory, but I couldn’t help over analysing it towards this possibility, the article describing the foxy character never said it was an actual fox, merely a critter that looked like one ( hence my use of a caracol wild cat as a possible explanation for a long eared “cat” companion to “cat lady” Mama Hong ). I’m just putting this out there as a possibility for all those Mama Hong fans out there, this might be how she gets introduced into OW2…we can but wait and see…and if anything I hope it tickles the fancy of any developers reading Crazy old cat lady ninja matriarch of the Japanese underworld!! MAKE iT HAPPEN GUYS ;3.

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