6+ losses in a row?

I can’t get out of bronze with moira but i perform well and get lots of gold and silver medals. the main problem is that I lose way more matches than I win and I don’t know why. How do I stop losing?

swap hero :joy:
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This isn’t really a bug. I’d take this over to general discussion.

Hey there Lunaboons!

I’ve taken a look at your account and it seems you don’t have a valid Overwatch license.

Be sure to login with the right Blizzard account.

If this is not the case then you’re most likely a console player, if you want to post in #general-discussion or other subforums than just the (#bug-report and #technical-support) I’d recommend you take a look at this Article.

Now regarding your current issue.

I’d recommend you get a coach, or group up with some others so your communication is a bit better.

You need to play more and practice, learn from your faults.
If you do something wrong, analyze what you’ve done wrong so you can prevent it in the future. This way your gameplay can improve drastically!

I’d also recommend you watch some top500 streamers and Overwatch tips videos. But do not try all of those tactics!

You’re not always given the chance to do such strategy and just trying will have a 99% of failing. So please do play in your own way, but watch others to see what they do to prevent failing. Look at those videos and analyze their steps. But don’t be a copycat, because that will definetly get you killed.

Also hold in mind that Moira isn’t the only Support character, Moira recently had some nerfs but that would be fine. I’d recommend you take some chances with Ana too, just don’t try to stick to one hero too much if you want to climb.

Even if Moira is the meta it doesn’t mean she’ll make you win matches! Meta’s usually don’t have any play weight in lower rankings, usually meta starts having weight around Diamond >