Pink Mercy Skin

Hi! I’m here to discuss about the topic of the Pink Mercy Skin. I really want this skin and have wanted for about a year now, and there is a lot of hype around it. I have an astonishing idea for the team to make to potentially help themselves and the cause. They can possibly make two donations both for 15$ and make one donation include the pink mercy skin and the other including a new one. This will help people that haven’t bought pink mercy get it, and people that have get a new skin! This skin is great and it’s for a great cause too so I think this is a great idea. A lot of people might disagree because the team said it was a limited time thing, but it can still be a limited thing only to that event. Thanks for reading.

Blizzard has no plans to return the Pink Mercy skin at this time.

Unfortunately, this is not the best place to provide suggestions for game features. The technical support forum is where players life myself and Blizzard Support Agents (who are different from the developers) to lend a hand for players who have technical issues (such as disconnections or game crashes) with Overwatch. I suggest posting your suggestion in the general discussion forum.

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I’m sorry but I just don’t feel this would happen. It would also upset a lot of people who have it because it devalues the item.

But sadly seeing as to how breast cancer awareness month has come and gone, I really don’t see blizzard re-releasing the item. If anything, it would be ONLY the new skin. I would not mind seeing it return myself(as someone who has it btw), but the chances of it happening are essentially non existent.