Can't Post In General Discussions..?

I had an account over a month now just reading. I linked my Xbox GT. Anything I’m missing?

Have a look in this sticky thread:

Off point #2:

There is no such option. The only account link options are Facebook, Google, Xbox, and PSN. Xbox is linked already.

Try signing out and sign back into the forums. This will refresh your forum account for any changes including if you are linked or not.

No dice. It’s whatever, seems to be a civil war going on between Mercy mains and DPS people right now. I’ll live.

You may need to try to unlink and relink the accounts then.

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Hey KalyxTriaD,

Looking over your account I do not see anything that should be stopping you from posting on the General Forums. To be on the safe side I have refreshed your account on the servers. Sometimes it can take a bit of time for the servers to update. Usually not longer than 24 hours. Relinking your account as WyomingMyst mentioned could help too.


I’ll give it a go, thanks.

I did this as well and I waited for 72 hours cause it said that it might take that amount of time, I’ve re-linked my Xbox account several times and logged in/out of my battle net account here several times as well. Nothing seems to work.

I can post in all sections normally. It just happened a week or so ago, so I don’t know how it solved.