Pharah Aviator Skin in my grasp, gone forever

DISCLAIMER This is not a technical support complaint, but I only had to options of Bug Issues or Technical Support to write a post

I recently picked up Overwatch and instantly feel in love with it, Pharah being my favorite. When I saw her legendary Aviator skin, I knew I had to get it, but 3000 credits is a lot. I grinded and grinded for 1500 and even spent 40$ for the extra boost of credits and when I finally reached 3000, her skin was locked away, unable for purchase.
I am absolutely deflated and after some research I’m believing that skin will only return in the next archives event a year from now. As my pals and I go off to college, life may take its reins and playing overwatch like we are now would be a forgotten relic. Is there any possible chance that the anniversary event would be extended if not a few days? I still love overwatch, but I was not aware of these events as a new player, and this crushed me. Enough to make an account and reach out to the forums for an attempt to sway sympathy for my situation, and maybe, hopefully, an action of understanding would be taken, and result in an extended anniversary event.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, their customer service team does not field gameplay requests, so this would need to be #general-discussion to reach developers.

Here’s how to get access to post there: Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!

I have met the requirements said on the support article to allow me to post on General Discussion to hopefully get more traction, however, I still am unable to create a topic in that category. I am afraid by the time I am able to create a post, it’ll be too late to be relevant.

How should I go about this situation?

Did you log out and back in from the option on the top right of the forums? I see that your Xbox account is successfully linked - I assume that’s the console you’re playing on?

Ultimately we’re unable to see progress on consoles in support, unfortunately. I trust that things went they way you said they did, but there’s not really room for us to make any sort of exception for situations like this in the interest of fairness for everybody who’s in the same boat as us. As for the events themselves, they are unlikely to be extended and if they were it’s not a call we can make in tech support. I get where you’re coming from here - I wanted to pick up that mercy skin this year but didn’t get around to it in time, but that’s how the limited time events roll. You’d have to wait until next year’s event (though the skins are usually cheaper after a year goes by).

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