Competitive/Ranked is testing

Just to clarify, I love this game to bits since first picking it up mid-last year. I instantly fell in love with the support role and enjoy myself win or lose

My problem with the game, and this is partly on my for not going in squads due to anxiety, is that no matter how much I play my butt off as a support in Competitive, 3/5 games seem a lost cause early on due to the other team being much more cohesive than mine

I play Ana, mostly, depending on the match up, if not her then Moira or Baptiste, with Brigitte still in learning on my part. Many times I get gold healing with Ana(10k on average), with a ton of her bio nades hitting the enemy back line every 20-30 secs, 15+ sleep darts hit per match in critical fights, yet it’s usually all for nothing in the end. I average 12 eliminations and 4 deaths, my kills getting more as I realise that my current ranking of teammates are often lacking damage output, making sure to do my part in damaging the enemy while also staying alive at all costs

But yeah, my point is that solo queuing a toss of coin as to the result. I won 4/5 of my placement matches and got placed in the 2300 area, went on a 10 win streak and then plummeted down to 1600 due to some of the most uneven games I’ve ever witnessed on an online versus game, ever. I now sit at 1750 on average, losing and winning sporadically

It seems that win streaks come in bunches, as do losing steaks. The wins are hard fought and refreshing, while the losses are often bordering on depressing with how easily my team can’t adapt. When I get near gold, I notice then game pairing me with better teams(gold icons), which is a relief, but one loss and it’s back to silver teammates and uneven games

I wish the game would focus more on individual stats come the end of the match and not as a group. If I hardly die and put out efficient healing numbers, yet still lose and get punished by dropping 25 SR each time, it’s unfair. As a support, if I’m giving all the healing, nades and sleeping darts possible, yet my team isn’t capitalising, the SR drop should be low

(my phone won’t let me find a category for this post and so I put it under ‘bugs’, which was the only option, my apologies)

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