How do I reply in the comments?

I can’t figure out how to reply to peoples posts. Its my first day on this forum so could that be the case? Thanks for the advice in advance.


Bottom right corner of the post has a little blue arrow for replies.

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I swear it wasn’t there before but it is now haha. Thank you very much.

-Well now it seems like this is the only thread I can reply on. Why is this?

If in the event you are unable to post in the general discussion forums and you are a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Overwatch player, you may need to link your BattleNet account to your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live player account. Do so by following these steps here:

It may take up to 72 hours after linking before forum privileges are granted. Remember to sign out of the forums and sign back in periodically to check to see if privileges are granted.

I’ve linked them and its been more than 72 hrs. and I still cant reply on any thread other than this one.

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And you did try logging off the forums and back on?

Weirdest thing. I can only reply to this post

Ironically, I looked to this thread to figure it out as well and there is the ‘reply’ button. What the heck? lol

So I can reply to these but NOTHING ELSE??? Truly outstanding work, blizzard. Absolutely riveting. Truly a monument to our time of games.


I always have the audacity… also please note, additional troubleshooting is now available:


Isn’t there also a hidden requirement with the trust system on the forums? if I remember rightly, you need to build yourself from trust level 0 to trust level 1 by reading and liking a certain amount of topics.


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Negative - that’s just for posting links and images. If you can’t post outside of Tech Support/Bug forums, you want to follow the instructions in the sticky that Wyoming linked.

Since this is an old thread we’re locking it/marking the solution. If you have further problems follow the steps at the post here or start your own thread.