Need some info on Forum privileges

Just wanna ask:
What is required to gain/maintain priv.
How can i check my priv.
What can i do with X level of priv.

This guide will help you gain access to the forums:

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There is no guide for what you need to secure the different levels of privileges. There is no way to check your privileges, if you get upgraded, the forum notifies you automatically. Higher levels can post links and images.

Generally, if you are a frequent contributor on the forum, and not getting reported for posts (language, spam, other code of conduct violations), your level will go up. Since you are already at almost 700 posts, you may have already reached the max level for players.

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Hmm, its kinda odd tho.
I received level notices waaay back and was able to post links for a very short time.

But i cannot post links.
As far as i know i have not been contacted about any C.O.C.V’s
Since i have no means to check my level/status, could someone check my account out please?

Hey TiberiusMoon,

I don’t see any issues with your forum account. I can see that you are a level above the basic / starter user, but you have not met the requirements to gain the next trust level.

We don’t share information about what the requirements are or how to maintain them, so we won’t be able to give you any pointers in that area I’m afraid.

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Ahh cool, just wanted to check.
Thanks for helping out!