Previewing voice lines stops working

I’m playing around with the voice lines I have set for each character so I’m clicking on a lot of them to test them out.

Since the Anniversary event started (maybe?), I keep getting a problem where after a while I can no longer preview voice lines. I can maybe browse voice lines for up to 5 minutes before it happens. All other audio works fine in the menus and game, it’s just that audio previews suddenly don’t work anymore for voice lines.

I can then play voice lines in game (I tried going to tutorial mode and it works fine there) but after going back to hero gallery they still will not preview after clicking on them in the menu.

Exiting the game and restarting it fixes the problem, but it’s a bit annoying. Happens regularly for me so I can easily recreate this. Hard to tell if it happens for others though.

Just reporting a possible bug.

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Please post bugs in the Bug Report forum, not Tech Support :slight_smile:
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