Feedback about overwatch

Hi. As a user of Overwatch, I wrote this article on the issues that many people are facing as well as me. First, the issue is related to the overwatch patch period. Overwatch will only be patched at the event season. I think there are a lot of problems with this patch and many users say that too. Once a large patch is done at once, it doesn’t become a proper patch like this Brigiteran character, but it affects a lot of areas such as the character’s operation and pick rate. In addition, this patch is applied based on the match between the users of the Grandmaster or Master section, which makes it difficult for new users or users who are not good at the lower section. And even if various problems and feedback are provided, the patch takes a long time, so users have negative feelings about Blizzard. It’s a good thing to patch a whole lot over a long time, but I think it’s a small way to fix in-game character balance problems. In addition, we would like to introduce a system such as a bulletin board in the game to create a place for communication between users and related bullets to adjust the balance between problems and characters in the game. There are so many people around me who provide feedback, but it doesn’t seem to reflect well. Therefore, I think it is necessary to introduce a system such as bulletin board. Adding to the patch period, the current Overwatch user is fading away and League of Legends is still on the rise. I think the difference between the overwatch and the roll is not just a balance adjustment period. We enjoy as user of overwatch and are going to do so from now on. So I wrote this because I hope Overwatch and Blizzard are on the rise. I hope you’ve read this article and made some big changes to Blizzard and Overwatch. Thank you for reading this little article even though you are busy and busy, and thank you for making Overwatch. PS: It is urgent to adjust the balance of the character called Doompis. This character is causing many users to swear from overwatch. So are my friends. Please pay attention to the low-pitch heroes and lower-level players in Overwatch. Doomfist patch is unconditionally zero!

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