Can someone explain how placement matches work for a new profile?

I’m new to the forums so I apologize if there already existing posts discussing this topic. Also I know this may be in the wrong category but it will not let me change to anything other than Tech support or Bug reports.

I have been playing overwatch (Xbox one) for about 4 years now, but as with probably a good majority of the community I feel that my current SR is not where it should be considering the amount of hours I have dedicated to competitive play.

So I created a new profile and am trying to get it to level 25 currently however I was just curious as to how my placement matches will determine my rank? I have heard things about Quickplay MMR and stuff, but no clue what the actual “truth” is.

I have grown a lot as a player over the years but only recently these past few weeks did I see the most improvement, about 1000 SR gain the past two weeks and on my new profile I am at a 80-85% win rate overall in quickplay currently lv15.

I have played through many competitive seasons so I get a general idea that I’ll be placed around the same rank I finished the prior season with. However, I have no clue how it works for brand new accounts? Not here to debate whether I should just continue to play my main or work on a new profile, just looking for information.


Greetings, since this is the Technical Support forum, I am going to keep this brief as this is discussing about Overwatch Competitive Play rather than help resolve a technical issue. In short, on a new account, your first starting 50 matches will be aggressively tuning your hidden matchmaking rating (the stat that your skill rating chases and roughly represents). As you start to play Competitive Play you will see extremely inflated gains and losses of skill rating during these early matches. Do not be alarmed as this is normal and will stablize the more you play. Presuming you are not deliberately attempting to play in a different way, you are very likely to reach a similar rank to that of your other account.

I could go on with details but there is actually a really handy guide in the Competitive Discussion forum, that I would encourage you to look at:

If you have any more questions, you will want to post in the general discussion forum or the competitive discussion forum. If in the event you are unable to post in the discussion forums, please check this troubleshooting guide.

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