A thought for healer/player HUD's

Apologies for the category choice, my phone wouldn’t let me change it from either this or bug report.

Moving along, however, I was thinking about Zenyata’ s HUD as I had never played him until recently and rather enjoyed the feedback of the Harmony orb displaying it’s targets health. I’m a Mercy main, and having a toggle option for all 5 of my teammates health bars sitting in my constant view would be an excellent and welcomed addition.

Even so, if this was meant to perhaps remain exclusive to Zenyata for any number of reasons around balancing or what-not that I can’t quite see, what about giving it to Lucio or Brigg? Displaying the health of everyone in their AoE would give players a better idea of when to amp/beat drop or in Brigg’s regard rally.

Just a thought.

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