New member and I have a few questions

Well not really new. I started to play OW sometime in 2015 and took a break for a year or so. But I am new to the forums and I have a few questions regarding the acronyms you guys use here.

For example, NERF? Smurf? There’s many more and I was hoping you guys can chime in.

Also, I play on PS4 but there is no group chat? Sometimes before the game starts I see messages saying “we need healers” but I can’t seem to find that when I want to let the group know.

Thanks In advance.

The technical support form is a place to ask any questions regarding disconnections or crashes and involving Overwatch. if you need help getting access to the rest of the forums please follow this guide:

Nerf-to reduce the effectiveness of a character by changing their ability or stats. Example, increasing a cooldown, lowering damage per shot, etc.

Smurf- A usually highly skilled player who who creates a secondary account and plays poorly to rank lower so that they can easily best lower skill opponents.

Group Chat is L1 at the hero select screen.

Happy to answer anymore questions you moght have.