Crossplay (Ps4, Xbox, Pc)

I don’t understand why there isn’t crossplay for Overwatch. If Fortnite can crossplay over three consoles and PC, why cant Overwatch?

I think it would save a lot of time and stress if we could just crossplay. I want to play my with my friends without getting a new computer. i could just play on Ps4. (The category might be wrong but-)

Each third-party game has licensing agreements with the console manufacturers and there are technical hurdles as well. One day there may be cross sharing or cross play features, but as it currently stands it is not possible to do this.

The technical support forum is where players life myself and Blizzard Support Agents (who are different from the developers) to lend a hand for players who have technical issues (such as disconnections or game crashes) with Overwatch. I suggest posting your suggestion in the general discussion forum.

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