Main 2 problems with Overwatch

I couldn’t find an applicable category, so I went with Technical Support.
I just bought this game, and I have 2 main problems.

  1. The loot system is annoying. There’s a skin I want for my favorite character, but it’s inside of an anniversary loot box, which someone told me are only available from May-June. That’s ridiculous. Why can’t I just buy the skin separately (credits or real money).
  2. This is the worst matchmaking I’ve seen in a shooter. You have quick play, which seems to be only team based game modes (I prefer Free For All). Then you have arcade, which was fun in the beginning, but then FFA Deathmatch with rotating maps was removed from the list. I don’t want to play with random mystery heroes. I don’t want to play on only one map (Petra, etc). Star Wars Battlefront 2015 did not force people to play modes they did not want to play. Everything was accessible at ALL TIMES.
    Custom games in the Game Browser is not a valid option either. NO ONE really joins. There are too many other custom games, and mine probably gets lost in there, so no one can find it.
    Lastly, between the fact that there is no offline multiplayer and that the matchmaking is unstable in that we can’t always play what we want, I don’t understand why anyone would buy this game knowing all this.
    These two points I made are unnecessary inconveniences you need to fix. No review I watched talk about this nonsense.

Developers won’t see your feedback in the troubleshooting forum. Instead, you’ll want to use #general-discussion.

I would post into General, but it won’t let me. I linked my console account and logged out. Still having trouble.