Role queue made me lose the will to play

What’s that have to do with anything? This is probably the biggest change to OW since release, it makes sense that people who don’t frequent the forums might do so just to express their opinion.


Usually it’s a sign of a troll thread. Happily, in this case the OP didn’t seem to know about Quick Play Classic, and now has an outlet for his non-role queue needs. Hooray!

Implying it’s more likely that someone spent $20 on the game just to make another thread on a forum Blizzard doesn’t even look at over a user whose probably played a while but isn’t a forum poster until something changed so much is pretty silly.

I don’t believe that they spent twenty bucks solely to post on an internet forum, although there have been forums that charge for posting rights. I imagine they buy an alt account for gaming purposes, and the fact that they can troll online is an (initially unaccounted for) bonus.

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Downloading steam and CSGO tonight. Bye OW. I’m not going back to wow or d3 either so Blizz just lost a loyal customer of 18 years because of 222.

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But your Han Solo… did Ruin Johnson get to you too like what he did to Luke?

sorry couldn’t help it.

Yeah, that’s why I just roll into QPC and say to hell with role queue. Too stressful. Same reason I never touch Deathmatch or Elimination modes.

Well it’s quite disappointing to lose out on half the game’s roster unless you have no life and can sit in queue for absurd amounts of time. Even partnered streamers don’t bother and they get paid to do it.

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Anyway it was useful for me to start this thread, thanks to helpful and friendly people.

You can create new battlenet accounts for free, though…

In this particular case the OP has a history of actually playing Overwatch, but I have seen people post here on accounts that did not.

And there are definitely people posting anti-2-2-2 troll posts, OP just doesn’t happen to be one of them (as evidenced per actually having a play history, plus conversing civilly and learning about QPC, not just ranting).

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I’m just waiting on a few game releases, then I’m out too. The game is in the worse state it’s ever been.

Oh, cool. I just assumed Remedy was right on that front, I honestly can’t remember what I did to sign up for the forums.

I think just log in with your existing battlenet account most likely. If you are not logged in though, there is a menu item for ‘create a free battlenet account’.

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You need an active Overwatch license tied to the account to post outside of the bug report forums. You can’t just create a free account and post.


IMO role queue isn’t as fun for casual players but better for competitive (not factoring the queue times). I like role queue on my main but it makes smurfing with friends so boring unless I just play for memes

Sorry to be that guy, but Quick Play Classic is the game mode for you.

I love role lock and im barely playing at all. Queue times suck and the meta is some slow paced snore fest. I honestly think queue times suck bc of the heroes who are the best to play atm. Even at low ranks bc of the low skill heroes that are the most powerful right now. So, don’t think it’s 2-2-2! It’s just the snorefest heroes. ‘WE GOT OUR TIME TO SHINE!’. You did! We just weren’t there to see it. :smiley:

There’s always Quick Play Classic if you mainly wish to play damage and play as you want.

So, the issue I noticed about this is that people are telling anyone who wants to play damage role to play classic. But, from what I hear it’s games of all dos. So, just because someone wants to play dps they should have to play a game mode where it’s unrealistic teams.

But, I don’t really see a fix for this.