Leavers need harsher punishment

Almost every competitive game i play has at least 1 leaver and in a game i just had 4 people left and i’m sick of nothing being done about it. They leave because they don’t care if they lose 50 SR and get banned for 10 minutes, they’re just going to join another game and ruin that one when they play poorly in that as well. Why does everyone else have to suffer the consequences of their actions?! I’m now in silver rank in support because of people who can’t just play the game when i know i belong in gold. I believe the way this could be fixed is by raising the minimum level required to play competitive, harsher punishments for leavers or maybe make it possible for the leaver to be replaced by someone else waiting in queue, and not having the reward system for the support role because it’s just encouraging people to play support even though they aren’t very good.

Your feedback is valued. But for the sake of getting recognition you may want to post in the #general-discussion.

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Thank you i tried to but for some reason reporting a bug was the only option for me :frowning: