"behind you" voice line

It’s not a bug or something like that I just wanted to make a suggestion, to add the voice line: “behind you” to the voice wheel. Sometimes the automatic one only triggers after the enemy damages someone and even then not always, and it makes so much sense to have it please consider it… love your game <3

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Greetings TheGhost and welcome to the forums,

Unfortunately, this is not the best place to provide suggestions for game features. The technical support forum is where players like myself and Blizzard Support Agents (who are different from the developers) to lend a hand for players who have technical issues (such as disconnections or game crashes) with Overwatch. I suggest posting your suggestion in the general discussion forum.

If in the event you are unable to post in the general discussion forums, please check this troubleshooting guide.

Hysteric laughs in Baptiste


“…Haha, just kidding.” :)c


I think some sort of “right” or “left” to let people know the enemy is attacking on the right or left would be nice.

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noticing a distinct lack of people getting stabbed in that audio file

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Plot twist, they were all spies

I honestly didn’t know you could imbed sound files into posts.

The More You Know