Bring Back Limited Time Skins

This is just a thought that I think a lot of new players would enjoy. For the 2019 Halloween Terror event, Sombra’s Demon Hunter skin was brought back which not many were against. Players could access it in Week 3 by winning 9 games like all skin challenges. Skins like Nano Cola D.Va and Pink Mercy should be brought back. Switch players weren’t able to get either skins since the game wasn’t available to them. They should also bring back All-Star skins.

By bringing back the Pink Mercy or Pacific Lucio, Blizzard could profit. More players would purchase the skins, including a lot of Switch players. Although the skins were out for a limited time, bringing them back wouldn’t be negative for both parties. Players would get new skins and possibly spend money on skins such as the Pink Mercy. Blizzard would also receive a profit.

Since the Pink Mercy skin was a charity skin and proceeds did go to Breast Cancer Research. If they were to give a percentage of purchases to the charity they could increase the price a little.

Skins out for a limited time are nice but they are only a positive for players playing at that time. So there is really no poiny in not bringing back the skin. This would make a lot of other players happy which should be something companies want, to please their customers while gaining new ones.

Please be respectful if you disagree, or have another opinion.

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