Some changes need to happen

One a general category needs to be made for forms on the phone, two just because someone is deaf or other things doesn’t mean that they have done wrong in case with the deaf who was playing torb because he cant hear, three this is to the community there are many heroes I dont even like examples the hard scoping widowmakers and the instant headshot mcrees and hanzos but I’ve found a strategy to counter them by not saying they should be removed and whining I did by looking what do the all do in common and I strategized to counter them the same goes for bastion the easiest way to kill him is yes with a genji but what if you don’t have a genji then long range is best because he isn’t accurate at long range

There is a #general-discussion forum available on the mobile version of the forums. Make sure you’re logged in with an account that is linked to the one you play Overwatch on. Accounts without an Overwatch license connected can only post in Tech Support and Bug Report.

More info here:

Note: Developers do not monitor this forum for game suggestions.

I still can’t post in general for some reason even though my only xbox live account I game on is connected

Have you logged out and back in?

Yep and the + on create new topic is grayed out

I would try connecting it again because it’s not linked to this forum account you’re posting on. You can check by clicking your name on the forum. There should be a “View profile” option if your Overwatch progress was linked up.

Also make sure you’re using the same account here that your license for Overwatch is on.

Well I went in the account settings and it says it is connected and the game is on disc as well