Ranked is broken

Well here we are again folks, I just read something a Dev wrote in explaining how they decide how to rank you, there are so many flaws in their logic it’s almost sickening, I’ve placed with 3 seperate accounts to prove certain theories I’ve had and they’ve all come true (: I am 1300 in tank 1500 in damage, and 2200 in healing on my main. I stomp boys into oblivion on this account… Now I made 2 more to see where they think I rank, I don’t smurf, I don’t throw, I just want to win and compete at my highest level… I am 2500-3000 on both of my other accounts. Now don’t you say it’s not accurate in placing someone? You say you analyze data from all players using these heros and that medals don’t matter… Lol how does that make sense dude? How? It’s a team based game your medals or play will reflect with the level of the team they put you on… I’ve played people in silver who are lightyears beyond some players in platinum or diamond, and yet you honestly think that based on a previous season you have to be ranked where you “average” based on the seasons that passed… I’ve climbed out of bronze and silver twice… played with my friends who have never played to support them getting into your game, and now I’m just tired of climbing because it would take months because my friends who are actually good at the game are beyond the 1000 mark difference. Not to mention the fact that at the levels people constantly leave, or you play smurfs who are stomping people because they are spineless weasels… Please review how you rank people it’s very flawed and almost a joke to me

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Though with your theory you haven’t disproven this?

You’ve purchased brand new accounts with no previous placements, barely any calculations and changes to your MMR.

This doesn’t debunk it.

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its easy to climb just git gud ez

You chasing your own tail forever or just when you reply to things that don’t apply to you?

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I do agree, in my opinion, the ranking system is greatly flawed and to all of my experience it is not designed to be fair or to actually reflect your skill. I already put my thoughts in another thead:

All i’m doing is giving you the correct information.

You wish to get attention to your posts, you want opinions.
You want answers, i give you the oppertunity.

I’d dislike to see your efforts go to waste, so i’m giving you the chance.

I’ve played this game since the beta, and I’ve had to watch it slowly decay over time.And now, three years later,trying AGAIN to get the game to play the way its advertised. But every single time i que up and play ranked, we are put against entire teams that are 500 levels above us,constantly stuck on a team of bronze portraits against silver and gold. We lose again and again and again and instead of getting paired up with players our level, we just get matched up against harder opponents. This is the exact opposite way ranked is supposed to work. Whats even the point of giving people levels and ranks if they arent going to be used to match teams?? What is used? What the hell do i have to do to just get one fair match?? Every time i play compits either walk all over the enemy or get walked over.Teams scattered with different levels of SR and rank. What are we doing wrong to get ques up against teams we have no way of beating? How many times do we have to lose before we get to play just one match with even teams?? Theres no point in even finishing a game when youre put up against a whole team thats multiple portraits ahead of anyone on our own team. Should i just never play with other people? Or am i just stupid for thinking a multi billion dollar company could balance simple numbers?

Such a terrible feeling to have such an intricate game be entirely rigged from the start and have there be no way to actually play against people your level. Stuck in bronze because I am always, every single time, put up against teams of silver and gold. ITS NUMBERS. Why am I not being matched up based on my rank? Wheres the secret competitive mode that actually performs properly? SIck and tired of downloading this game to give it a chance only to find that every game is rigged from the start. Deleted and redownloaded at least ten times in three years, always hoping that ill come back and Blizzard will have actually fixed this stupid game.