Potential Idea For Leavers in Comp

Hey everyone I just thought of an idea that could solve the leaver problem in competitive. Replace the timer penalty with a 5 point tally system that adds up to a max of 5. The player would be locked out of comp but will have the option to go into matches where there is already a leaver and fill the leaver’s spot in order to remove the tally. Postgame the filler’s teammates could decide with a mechanic similar to endorsement system on whether or not the filler helped or not. Should they receive a yes from the majority the filler will have one tally removed from their suspension. It would of course increase to a max a five for repeated offenses. The filler will receive no Sr or experience from the match of course as they are doing community service. Should the player’s tally go over 5 they’ll get a season ban. This system could encourage more leavers, but it could also create fillers and allow players to have to option to make for leaving a comp. This also may seem extreme but, the leaving problem is extreme in certain ranks. It’s still potentially far from perfect and I would like to hear constructive feedback regarding this idea. Thanks for reading.

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