Nvidia Geforce Now

I’m informing you about Overwatch being removed from NVidia Geforce NOW and asking to please put the game back so us gamers without substantial gaming equipment can play the game. Without it on Geforce Now I can play it at all, therefore, I’m missing out on so much stuff that has been happening. So I beg you, to please put Overwatch back.

These forums are intended to reach out to the forum developers of Overwatch.

Now i’m already fairly sure they won’t change their decision.
But this decision wasn’t made by the Overwatch developers, but by Blizzard themselves.

If correct it’s a whole different departement within Blizzard.
Anyhow, just wanted to post what i thought.
From here you’ll get the most helpful post from Wyoming.

Hey there, this is the technical support forum. General feedback is not reviewed by the development teams here. If you need help posting on the other forums, please see this post:

Please refer to this post from Nvidia regarding Activision Blizzard games from being removed from their platform:


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