Purchasable Event Loot Boxes

Could we have an event on New Years Eve where we can buy every event skin that was released during said year and previous years beforehand.
It can be in it’s own loot box that you can have a chance to spawn a certain skin you want or just use your in game gold.
Like for example you can have the Noire Widowmaker skin, Pink cancer Mercy, or Nano Cola Dva skin to name a few.
If not we can also just have it to where we can buy them as DLCs on the Xbox One store, PlayStation store, and the steam store similar to how the pre order DLC is for the Widowmaker Noire Skin.
And before someone comes in saying that they’re exclusive for a reason well the reason I’m asking for this version of them is because you were able to get them for free while we’re willing to pay our money for those skins.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can have this come true later on.

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I’m completely ok with it, but I doubt it will happen. Those skins might come back but not in loot boxes I believe.

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