Disconnecting problems in comp

Dear Blizzard,

While playing your game, I keep crashing and getting disconnected from your servers and even if my team wins, I still lose 50 sr and get suspended for 10 min. Why can’t you detect that I am not purposely disconnecting. In other games such as rainbow 6 siege where they don’t penalize you from disconnects. I understand the need to punish the people that throw games but surely you can verify the type of disconnections if other games can. I went down from plat to low gold in one season because of this problem.

Thank you.


I agree with Zrackljk, a lot of times I’ve had this problem where the game crashes and even if I end up joining the game a little late after multiple attempts or my team wins I still lose 50 SR and receive a ban. As he said, there must be a way to verify if someone leaves the game intentionally or accidentally as many games such as Rainbow six, league of legends have implanted a mechanism to prevent those who disconnect accidentally to get penalized.


Hello, it seems you both have feedback for the way penalties are applied. Feedback is great, but please post it in the General forum where devs will read it. This forum is only for troubleshooting installs/connections.