Genji needs a rework

I dont know why i can only choose bug fix or technical support as a category…
anyways genji needs a rework. he is by far the least picked hero in competitive ow and its totally clear why.
he doesnt do what he is supposed to do. he cant really flank the backline effectively its all about the blade wich is way too polarizing.
i spend a lot of time thinking about this and i think the best solution is giving him about 15-20% more movement speed so he is faster than a tank finally and get rid of the dragonblade as we know it. i‘d like to see it change to another sword dash but with 3 times the range doing about 120 damage. in addition they should decrease the ultimate cooldown for about 15%.
this would give pro players a reason to play genji without making him too good. in fact i think he could do slightly more damage on his primary fire do get higher pick rates but something has to be done. i think more movement speed is a no brainer…no idea why he doesnt have that yet.

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