SR fix suggestion

This game has the worst Competitove ranking system of any game with one that I’ve played. Last season I won more games in less hours than the previous and lost over 200 SR in 2 roles and gained less than 200 in the other one, net loss of 300ish. The way this system is designed the word “skill” is meaningless as you are more dependent actually winning and five other people than your own skill. If you’re in low ranks you might never know the mistakes you are making because you are also playing with and against players that either can’t punish those mistakes or actively make them as well.

A proposed fix: all games have positive SR up to a certain cap (lets just call it diamond, 3000) losses yield much less than wins so there’s incentive to win. If you are bad and lose a lot it will take you a ton more games to reach the cap and hopefully you’ll play some with people that are actually better than you along the way and learn some stuff. Once you hit cap you only
Go up with winning. Are you going to get some bad players up there by season end sure but those players had to play a ton to get there so ideally they improved throughout the season.

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Word. Thanks.
I’ve never posted on a forum such as this one haha