What Blizard should do if they want the meta picks to change

I am a 2.4k sr player but I have ideas to deal with the current state of the game. (Disclaimer) This is not fact but is something I have thought long and hard about, please give feed back and ideas I might not have thought of. This will be listed somewhat like patch notes.
. D.Va
Defense matrix range 15 meters, up from 10 meters
. Zenyatta
Discord orb now makes target take 30% more damage, up from 25%
. Mei
Primary fire no longer pierces targets
Cryofreeze can now be broken if it takes 250 damage
Max health decreased to 200, down from 250
Secondary fire now has damage fall of off 5 per meter after 30 meters
. Reaper
Lifesteal healing now 30% down from 40%
Can no longer cancel Wraith form
Wraith form speed boost decreased to 25% down from 50%
Shadowstep is now 10% louder
. Junkrat
Frag Launcher damage now 90 with a direct shot, 5-60 for splash damage
Concussion Mine damage now 20-80
Steel Trap damage 55, down from 80
. Sombra
Hack max range decreased to 10 meters down from 15 meters
Hack cast time increased to 1.7 seconds up from 0.65
Hack duration decreased to 3 seconds down from 5 seconds
EMP duration decreased from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
. Doomfist
The Best Defense gives +25 shields, 65 shields if hits from ult
Hand Cannon damage down to 1-5 damage per pellet, 11-55 damage per shot
Rocket punch damage decreased 40-90 (punch, 30-80 (wall impact)
. McCree
Deadeye damage per second decreased to 275 down from 550 after locking onto a target for 1.5 seconds
. Soilder 76
Heavy Pulse Rifle damage decrease to 8-19 down from 10-20
. Hanzo
Storm Arrow can no longer get critical hits
Storm Arrow damage decreased to 65 per shot, down from 70
. Baptise
Biotic Rifle damage decreased to 10-20, down from 12.5-25
Biotic Rifle healing decreased to 50 per shot down from 60
Immortality field area of affect decrease to 5.5 was 6.5
Immortality field damage deficit down to 10% of a targets max hp, was 20%
. Moira
Biotic Grasp damage per second decreased to 40, was 50
Biotic Grasp max range decreased to 15 meters, was 20 meters
Biotic Orb damage decreased to 40 per second, projectile speed decreased to 10 meters per second, 4.5 meters while tethered
Biotic Orb healing per second decreased to 55, was 65
. Roadhog
Take a Breather healing decreased to 200 was 300
Take a Breather damage reduction down to 25% was 50%
Scrap Gun damage per pellet decreased 1.4-5, down from 1.8-6
. Orisa
Halt area of affect decreased to 6 meters used to be 7.5 meters
Fortify damage reduction decreased to 25% was 50%
. Winston
Tesla Cannon reload speed decreased to 1.5 seconds was 1.7 seconds
. Wrecking Ball
Adaptive shield health gain decreased from 100 shield per person to 75

Remember I can’t think of everything, please give feedback on what I put above. Sorry for it being so long I had a lot of ideas that I needed to talk about.

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These kind of posts belong to #general-discussion.

Since you have no Overwatch license linked to this account i’d guess you’re a console player.
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Thank you for the suggestion, and yes I am a console player. What did you think of the overall post?

It looks pretty good, but if all these changed would be implemented in one patch the whole community would probably go overboard. Maybe change a bit of the value’s and do it in smaller updates.

That way the community can adjust slowly and steadily to such things, but let’s see if others agree with these kind of changes.

Yeah it is very big, my reasoning was that if we get all these changes done in one patch then we can see what works and what doesn’t then go from there.

While I find these very interesting I too think it’s a bit too much to balance out and test in one patch.
I think Widow could use a slight, maybe 0.2/0.3 increse in her loading time to full charge while scoped, but it’s just a thought, I can’t say I thought about this for very long. She just feels too mechanically based and too rewarding for people with good aim but very low game sense.

I agree that if this would be way to much if I was in 1 patch it was just a layout to get the information out effectively. That widow change does seem like a good idea, I like the idea to move Widow to need a little more game sense. Overall, thanks for the feed back.

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You want to dumpster Mei and Reaper. Just for good measure make Soldier worse even though he is in a pretty bad spot right now.

Reaper should get nerfed A LOT now that there are only 2 tanks and 4 squishies.
And it’s about time Meis learn to stop just spamming icicles and hitting more randomly than Hanzo and also doing headshots. Everyone complains about Hanzo for this (and I use both him and Mei) so why should she get a pass?
I agree other changes to Mei and Reaper are maybe a bit too much, but they are nonetheless interesting as ideas.
Many of these, even though devs-side probably not all, are really worthy of at least consideration and could incite a very productive discussion.

@WinstonMain I will follow this topic and if I have time I’ll actually elaborate more on my ideas about these.

Yes I do have a lot of pent up frustration toward Mei and Reaper and I admit it has influenced what I put. However, when two of the easiest heroes to pick up and get instant value out off are top meta I think something went wrong. Other than the Cryofreeze breaking I just reverted the GOATS changes given to the heroes. I did not play back then but from what I’ve found they were perfectly fine in lower tiers without being overpowered. To talk about Solider, he is only in a bad place because of al the other DPS being stronger, with barriers being nerfed, and if the other DPS were nerfed than Solider would need some nerf before he runs rampant. I may be wrong though and I appreciate the feedback