Symmetra Idea+ The idea of Support in OW

So, I’ve been seeing some thumbnails of people asking if Symmetra could be changed back into a Support rather than a DPS.

While I dont agree, I like Symmetra being a Team-Oriented DPS character that provides utility and good coordinated plays like a Support/DPS similar to Sombra. Overwatch’s themes are about breaking new ground for standard character roles with a wide cast, with characters that function as “Hybrids” including elements of two roles, Support DPS like Sombra, Symm, or Torb, Support Tanks like Zarya, Bridgette, and to an extent Sigma, or even DPS Tanks like Roadhog.

I like these ideas for characters breaking the mold of the traditions set by the game when executed well since having designated roles is still necessary for newer players. Symmetra being a Support rather than a DPS is still iffy to me, since I feel the most satisfying part of her kit is her damage, so I think they should keep her as a team based damage character, and what holds her back is her survivability.

So, Im thinking, what if we brought back her shield generator? And it would function as it did with Symmetra 2.0. She would have the option of either teleporter or shield generator, with it being on a normal skill CD, it would give 50 shield instead of 75, and the radius might be smaller. It could be destroyed whenever like teleporter, and once it did, it goes on cooldown. This could function on either a Support or DPS Symmetra, and can help with her survivability and improve how she works with her team.

However, I want to address the idea of a healing Symmetra with healing turrets. To me, that does not seem like a good idea. Turrets by nature do better in clusters when they focus down on one single target, which is waaaay too slow for Overwatch. Support characters always have healing on a primary ability to have it happen constantly, healing turrets just simply wouldnt bring enough impact to reliably heal, and limit where Symm can put her turrets and by proxy, where her teammates can be if they want healing.
Symmetra, is not a healer. She wasnt meant to be one, she doesnt care much for saving lives or have taking care of others in her character, but she could still have Support elements. In a fast game like OW, im glad they made a non-healing support because theres many other ways to support your teammates than with healing, as I mentioned b4 with Zarya, Bridgette, Lucio, Ana, and Zenyatta.

Overall, Symmetra is an odd, but great character who breaks the norms of FPS. And I think Support-DPS is a good role for her rather than a healer.

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The only thing I want is syms turrets to take 2 shots to kill not 1. If any one sneezes on my sym turrets they are gone, which makes sym feel useless until she gets her ult.

Her secondary fire is pretty cool and her beam is powerful, but her overall kit seems underused and undervalued by the entire team.

I can’t even count the number of times Iv set up the perfect portal for it never to be used.

Please use #general-discussion for gameplay ideas. The developers won’t see them here.