2 tanks, 2 DPS, 2 Healers

I’m putting this year because I can’t put it anywhere else so it’s going on your technical support category. the two tank, two DPS, and two healer is literally killing the game, I found that every time I go into a game I either have to play healer or tank so that I can get into a game quickly and I can’t change into a different category if my teammates are doing bad at it, or say we’re getting absolutely destroyed by a bastion and my team refuses to deal with it someone else has to become a DPS in order to take out the bastion in a timely manner but with the new system out no one can switch to a different class and it’s beyond stupid it’s what OverWatch was to begin with was a chaotic mash I’m different ideas and different combinations clashing together which made the game fun and exciting. Nowadays the game is just screwed over by this new 2 2 2 system that prevents players from having the same fun with different combinations of characters working together and I myself don’t want to play the game anymore because it took the fun surprising element out of the game that I loved.

Hey there, I suggest checking the most recent developer video update for news on this:

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