Stop sexism in game!

Dear Overwatch team!

I 've been playing Overwatch for a month and I really like this game, but its sexism is annoying and upsetting. Despite the fact that there are many good female characters, there are a few things that bother me

  1. The unrealistic and sexually objectified portrayal of female bodies vs quite realistic and not objectified portrayal of male bodies.

  2. Why do all women have cat eyes and wear makeup? Women are portrayed with eyeliner even in small thumbnails whilst men usually have frowned eyes (so they look more aggressive). Why don’t you portray women the same way you portray men?

3.There are more male characters than female ones.

I hope you will take these points into consideration and the game will be less toxic and more female-friendly. You should set an example

Best regards, Daria

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yeah they should make male characters hotter.


It’s the future, everyone is sexy


There is probably more truth to this than you would think. Even Winston’s sexy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not trying to start an argument. But I’m gonna give you my views on what’s said.

There is nothing wrong or sexist with the heroes wearing makeup.

Zarya and Moira are not your average woman.

Meis body is not perfect

Zaryas body is not feminine.

There are more men than women that play this game. So it makes sense that there are more male heroes than female

And most of the male heroes are really good looking objectively. So the same is for women. It’s definitely not sexism


Even for a 0 post history account… This is pretty bad.


sexualization doesn’t always mean objectification. Also… wut? you ever had a look at Mccree or Genji? they’re literally sexualized as f.


no, you don’t understand, you just toxic trolls, blizzard don’t fall to their level please, i believe in your mind!

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Diva looks like a normal korean for me.
Mei looks like a normal chinese for me. In fact she looks very similar to my chinese teacher. Small, thicc, very kind and very scary at the same time.

No character should be objectified! wake up!

well i mean i get it the broken backs of certain characters might upset you but let me remind you that moira is a character and she’s the ugliest thing on the planet
and on the other hand one in every 200 guys is as physically fit as hanzo is or sounds as manly as soldier does or is as much of a bad boy as mccree is

you mean like the… vertical pupils? i don’t think any overwatch character has those…

(if we’re talking default skins) mercy doesn’t, ana doesn’t, brig doesn’t, moira doesn’t, sym doesn’t, widow doesn’t (i think), pharah doesn’t

widow and lucio are two notable exceptions then

excluding animals and omnics there are currently 13 female characters and 13 male characters

trust me overwatch is A LOT more female friendly compared to other games


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This game has been out for over 3 years. Just because you started playing it yesterday doesn’t mean their just gonna change things because of one persons opinion.

But just a little history lesson. Blizzard changed Tracers original victory pose because it was thought to be too suggestive. Blizzard also fought to stop people from making sexual memes and other forms of media because they didn’t want their characters portrayed that way. They included diversity in female characters such as Zarya and Mei. So just stop.

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Törbjorn is literally the most sexualised character in the whole game, just look at him