Cannot post in forum. no option for general discussion

No option for general discussion

Always check the stickies in the forum: Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!

i am linked to all of those and i was not banned . The only topic i can post in are bugs and technical support.

Looking at the account on our end we’re not seeing that a console account has been linked. Please double check and make sure this has been done here. Once linked it can take 72 hours for forum access and may require logging out and back in.

Thank you for your help, but i cannot help wonder why i have to connect to a console when im playing in a pc game

You don’t need to connect it to the PC if you’re just looking to play. However if you’re posting on the forums you’ll need to connect the console account to the Blizzard account. This is done essentially to confirm that you own the game to reduce spam on the other forums.

Yes connected it now, still cannot post in forums

As mentioned with the previous post, it can take 72 hours before access is granted. In the meantime, when before you try posting, you may need to log out and back in.

As well, I looked over the account again and I’m not seeing the link has been performed. If you’re having issues with the link I’d recommend putting in a ticket here.

Ok thank you for your help, much appreciated