Overwatch connection issues

On Xbox one If I switch to any screen ie. look at my captures then go back to the main menu it has an upside down picture and has a buffering circle and says connecting but never dose I have to quit Out of the game and re launch it to play another round? Dose anyone else have this issue? I’ve tried everything from restarting my router and restarting my Xbox it seems to be on blizzards end and it seems like it’s been ever since Echo dropped… please Comment and let me know I’m going crazy over this issue!!!

Please make sure to also work through these trobuelshooting steps if you have not already:

There is no problem on my end I’ve tried everything and it just so happens I have a friend that has the same problem there’s no way we’re having the same issue at the same time with the same Internet this has to do with an update you guys did an echo came around please fix it

If you share the same internet connection as you say that is very likely the source of your problem.

we don’t share the same Internet we live in different cities we play together and if you’re asking me if it’s my Internet and then it would be his Internet to it’s just a coincidence that this happens when echo dropped is definitely on blizzards end and it’s not anything to do with our Internet or connection it’s something that they have to fix in an update and I’m sure it’s not just him and I I’ve seen same problem on the Blizzards forums. That’s OK if you just keep insisting it’s my Internet then I guess this won’t get resolved so I’ll just go somewhere else for my problems I guess thanks for nothing

This is the reason it sounded like you share a connection. But I agree with WyomingMyst, if you are using the same internet company and having issues at two different locations, then the problem is likely the internet. You can try testing your connection with the Blizzard looking glass tool. https://us-looking-glass.battle.net/

If you have access to a PC you should try using a WinMTR instead.

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Players in the Americas and Oceania regions: Follow the Blizzard support documentation for WinMTR.

  • Make sure your issue is caught in the test or you run it for at least 5 minutes.
  • Players on EU servers: please follow the same directions, except you’ll want to post results in the EU Tech Support forum.

Share your results in a reply:

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  2. Paste the text in a reply, highlight it, then click </> on the post editor.
  3. If you can’t post links, add spaces before .com/.net/.us/.au, etc., which will break the link and allow you to post.

Please do not remove full hostnames from the test instead of “breaking the links” with spaces, as this makes troubleshooting much more difficult.

OK I’m pretty much done because you guys don’t know how to fix anything all I keep hearing is that it’s a problem on our end and it’s not I’m saying that two different people with two different Internet carriers in two different cities are having similar problems and people on the form are having the same similar problem so blizzard needs to fix this I do see on Tuesday the 21st there’s a maintenance schedule and I hope to God that they fix this because it’s nothing on the players and if it’s more than four different people Having the same exact issues that’s me my friend and people on your form I need to read the form and look what people are saying it’s when you go to a highlight video on Xbox one come out of the highlight video back to the main screen you have connection issues with an upside down picture this is a blizzard problem not an Internet problem thank you

I have the exact same problem on Xbox One.
It’s the second time, last time was 2 minutes ago, that it happened since Echo arrived (there is always problems the next days after a patch on xbox :thinking: ) . Thus problem never happened before in all those years on the game.
It would probably happened if I were playing more this week…
I don’t know where is VampireKid, I never played with him, but I live in France. So it seems it’s not a isolated case…

And both times it happened when I was backing out from a menu with the B button to go back to the main menu in order to play :
First time it was from the options and the second from the recordings (potg, screenshots, etc.)

I had to shut down the game launch it again and never touch other menus than play and never go back to the menu screen if I don’t want it to happen


WyomingMyst and Nicole do not work for Blizzard, so no they are not able to “fix” anything. While they do have MVP status (green text) for showing their commitment to helping the community, they are regular players like yourself. Due to you mentioning you were getting stuck at connecting they were troubleshooting the issue as a connection problem.

This right here however sounds like a bug. If multiple players on Xbox are also seeing this same upside down image when performing the same menu actions then it’s very likely a bug.

The correct place to post bugs is in the Bug Report forums. If you post about it there our QA team can investigate it and as long as it’s confirmed our Overwatch developers should be able to patch it.

Since you’re playing on console make sure to check out this post for information about posting in other forums.

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