Sombra thought (console Xbox one)

Attention Jeff Kaplan. I’m posting here because I can’t seem to post in general.

I play Xbox one X Overwatch. I only have about 167 hours on Sombra.

The new changes are nice, but I don’t think it’s enough.

Have you guys ever explored letting Sombra’s hack do a little damage? Like 50 points feedback damage? Or even her alt doing a bit of feedback damage to everyone caught in it?

Any chance we could get a notification when our translocator is destroyed? Speaking of which, have you ever thought about the translocator also being offensive? Like a grenade that does some burst/area damage when it’s destroyed?

She needs a little boost. Thank-you!

There are some troubleshooting steps for those who can’t post to General. But otherwise, this forum is just for helping people with install and connection issues.

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Thank-you! I read the link you gave and followed the instructions. I can post in general now.!

Glad to hear those steps worked for you! :sun_with_face:

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