Hanzo's Arrows' Hitboxes needs nerf in Size

If the hitboxes were so small, and his arrows so slow I doubt you’d see many hanzos flick shot.

It’s all I see a lot of them doing.



So how about you play him and see just how massive they really are.

Hint: They aren’t massive. At all.


The power of memes, dude. At the launch his arrows were the same size as Zen’s orbs and Mei’s icicles. But only Hanzo gets so much hatred. That’s what a couple of good jokes in the Youtube video can do. Now this is a vicious circle.


That’s the power of know-it-all youtubers if I ever saw it, that’s for sure. most of these changes with any hero lately are…


that nerf was undone in a patch not long after.
nonetheless hanzo is the last hero needing nerfs right now.

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Despite the memes to the contrary, Hanzo’s arrows aren’t actually all that big. They are tied for the smallest projectile in the game with a couple other things, sich as Genji’s shurikens.

For example, Mercy and D.Va pilot weapons are 2.5x bigger than Hanzo arrows.

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Geoff coming in with the truth.


Why are they so easy to head shot with then? I played hanzo today with about 9 hours in total, I was able to headshot an ulting genji somehow! I’m just surprised how I didn’t do too bad…


…but one of genji’s shuriken are the size of tracer’s face


Btw Geoff, any infos on the Hanzo rework progress?


Theres a reason why genji is constantly doing damage with right click spam, people just don’t notice it so much because its not a one shot.

Considering how ineffectual these weapons are, I’m glad that they have something going for them…


Can we get like a list with relative sizes?


Not really any new info, unfortunately. One of the downsides to letting you guys know about things earlier in the process is there is it means there is more time to wait before we get it out to PTR/Live.


Please don’t chalk the following question up to just favor-the-shooter…

Can you explain why hitting with a Hanzo arrow around corners always seems to happen, particularly when Hanzo fights a Widow? Because it always feels like he has the advantage in that fight, even when Widow should theoretically be stronger because of hitscan.

Edit - Is his projectile maybe LONGER than the others, instead of being wider? Because I’ve never found it frustrating when I’m less than 10 HP and died from a Mercy blast because that one definitely feels like it was deserved, but have always been frustrated from a Hanzo shot.


Oh okay, no problem. Take your time, we appreciate your communication in the forums. :smiley:


It’s still much better this way. Thanks for the earlier sneak peek into the upcoming Hanzo changes, even if they take a while!


Good luck with that. I know I’m nervous and excited to some extent for what comes from it. Perhaps a little more nervous though.


I think the design is finished. It is just animation and other stuff, so once the art team is close to done they’ll probably put it on PTR.


No worries Geoff, the info is always appreciated

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Is Roadhogs hook really the same size and Mercy’s pistol?