Things That Are NOT Bugs

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Since I see so many of the same exact posts for the same exact “bugs” that are not bugs, here’s a short list of things that are NOT BUGS so don’t post about it. Will be updated. Handy Link as well to posts. Also if anyone has anymore to share (looking mainly for common not bugs) ill update and provide credit.

1) Gem Level Requirements for Season Journey:
Urshi has to see 3 gems above the required level at the same time. If you used one as an augment or transferred to another character, it no longer counts. Once the 3rd gem reaches the requirement, it will complete but all must be available either equipped/inv/stash at the same time.

2) Achievement/Conquest Window Doesn’t Checkmark Boxes (I.E. GR55 with 6 sets)
The Achievement/Conquest Window is slow to update and at times will not reflect say a GR clear with the required set. It will update sometime but it is still considered complete and if you meet the requirements for the achievement/conquest, it will still finish even if the check boxes are not updated.

3) Not Getting Primal Drops
Primals are a RARE drop. Bad RNG is not a bug. Primals are about 1 in 400 drop chance. If your max blood shard count is greater then 1200, the primals drops are activated on that account type (Non-Season, Non-Season Hardcore, Season, Season Hardcore). If it is a season character, then you should get a primal drop on your very first GR70 clear. Non-Seasonal does not get the guaranteed drop but they will still unlock.

4) Cannot find Legendary Gem but can upgrade it at Urshi.
If Urshi can see the gem and you can upgrade it, it exists somewhere. Most likely it can be in one of your follower’s slots is a common hiding place. You can search for the gem by placing a different legendary gem in the top left slot of each stash page then clearing a GR. Note which gem is directly to the left of the missing gem and go to that stash page and the gem is somewhere on that page. If its on an end then its either in your inventory or on your follower.

5) The Cube ate my legendary gem and did not give me an augmented item.
If you use a GEM OF EASE, BE SURE ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED. If you’re missing just 1 thing, the transmute will still complete but you will reduce the level requirement of the item to 1 instead of augmenting it. Any other gem and it wont transmute an incorrect augment recipe. PSA: SAVE THE HASSLE, DO NOT USE GEM OF EASES FOR AUGMENTS.

6) Season Journey / Achievement Window Not Showing Up or Bugged Out
Try this : Season Journey and Achievement Bug [Solution]
Or this: Season Journey and Achievement Bug [Solution] - #15 by Dragonmaster-1816

7) No Reward from Chapter 1 of Season Journey
There is no reward from Chapter 1 of the season journey, only chapters 2,3 and 4 award the set pieces and they come in the form of mail which you have 1 month to claim before they are lost.

8) This Forum is for the PC Version of Diablo 3 Game Bugs
a)ERROR Codes are NOT BUGS, they are TECH SUPPORT issues. This is not the forum for ERROR CODES.
b)There is a seperate forum for CONSOLE BUGS, please post there for any bugs relating to the CONSOLE VERSION.

9) My Weapon Went from 2000+ DPS to 400
Go back to the mystic and enchant the +xxxx-xxxx element damage back onto the weapon and NEVER roll this affix off ever again (unless you want to be zdps). The +xxxx-xxxx elemental damage is a main component for the damage of the weapon.

10) Gibbering Gemstone (or other rare item) is not dropping
Bad luck is not a bug. This item has a very low droprate. It may take many tries before one drops.
-Credit Timberwolf

11) My Character no longer Regenerates Life
You either have equipped or selected in the cube “DEATH’s BARGAIN”. Read the power of that item and you will understand why.
-Credit Perusoe

12) Some Parts of My Screen is Not Responsive (paragon, inventory, skills etc).
If you are using Windows10, try swapping the display from fullscreen to windowed and vice versa. If you still have issues, then it is a tech support problem, not a game bug and post it in the appropriate forum.

13) Season Journey Level Not Giving Me the Rewards from Slayer/ Champion/Destroyer/Conqueror/Guardian.
You cannot get the Season Journey Rewards until ALL prior chapters are complete. Slayer must be complete before you can complete Champion which is also then required to complete Destroyer, etc. So for the extra stash tab you MUST complete Chapters 1-4, Slayer, Champion, Destroyer & Conqueror challenges as an example.
-Credit Perusoe

14) I equipped that has a damage/toughness multiplier. My Damage on the Sheet did not change.
Damage multipliers (like focus/restraint, set bonuses, etc) will not be displayed on the character sheet and will not change the damage value. Toughness & recovery modifiers ARE reflected on the character sheet (exception is melee/ranged reductions).

15) My Legendary Power is not updated with Changes.
Legendaries that are changed in a patch are not retroactively updated with the new changes unless the item was nerfed. The old item becomes a legacy item and you will need to find a new legendary to get the new power. Reforging WILL NOT update it. The only way is via new drop.

16) I Cannot Enchant All Resist onto my Gear.
Certain Affixes are mutually exclusive to each other and cannot exist on the same item (there is a few exceptions). The Primary Affix “All Resist” cannot be on the same item as the Secondary Affix “Single Resist”. LIfe on Hit and Life on Kill is another example.

17) Help, My Characters are Missing
Make sure you are in the correct region where your characters are. In the launcher there is an option to choose what region you want to play in. Characters are only part of the region they are created in (A Europe Character will only be in the Europe region, not in the NA region).

18) Character Moving & Attacking Very Slowly
Please check what you are equipping and what each item does. Some items have negative effects. If your character is moving and attacking very slowly then you have the Stone Gauntlets equipped which when you get hit, will slow your move speed and attack speed but you gain armor stack.

19)I got a primal Item to drop for me however I cannot use it/It is not for my class
Primals follow the same smart loot system as normal loots (including the guaranteed primal from first clear of GR70).
-Credit Meteorblade

20) I’m not getting the correct Gems from Broken Crown on the follower
The emanated power is given to your hero, not to your follower. This means the colour of the extra gems is based on which gem is in your hero’s helm, not your follower’s helm.
-Credit Meteorblade

21) I Cannot find the set dungeon for any of the new sets for all of the classes, I have all 6 pieces equipped
There are NO Set Dungeons for any of the new Sets. If you wish to do the Journey or Conquests revolving sets, you MUST collect the 1 of original 4 sets for each class. The new 5th Set does not have a set dungeon and Blizz does not plan on adding them.
The sets that do NOT have set dungeons are:
Horde of the Ninety Savages
Aegis of Valor
Gears of Dreadlands
Patterns of Justice
Mundunugu’s Regalia
Typhon’s Veil
Masquerade of the Burning Carnival
-Credit Meteorblade

22) My follower’s Emanate abilities are not working
If your follower is DEAD, it no longer applies any of its Emanate abilities until they are revived. Use a “follower” cannot die token to keep them from dying.

23) Not getting Credit for doing a Nephalem Rift in X Minutes
Please note the DIFFERENCE between a Nephalem Rift (Yellow Portal) and a Greater Nephalem Rift (Purple Portal). If it does NOT stay Greater in the text, it means the NON-Greater Rift.

24) Help, I am getting 1 shot by enemies & Cannot Kill Anything Anymore
Double Check every piece of gear you have equipped and all 3 items set up in the Cube. Ensure you are getting all of the set bonuses & multipliers along with having the multipliers for damage and/or toughness active while playing. Usual suspect is missing a RoRG equippped and having only partial set bonuses active.
99.99% of the time, the issue is player error.

25) Getting Less Benefit from an Affix when Equipped while also selected in Cube
When you have the same power on an equipped item, and in the Cube, the value of the equipped item is always used, even if that’s a lower value than the maximized value the Cube would give you.
-Credit Meteorblade

26) Getting Items my Class Cannot Use, Not for My Class
This is intended behavior with the Smart Loot System. Only 85% of drops will be for your class specific drops so the other 15% can be basically ANY other loot in the game (other classes, different main stat, etc).


I was just working on making sure that moved here and on a list of currently known bugs! Will just focus on the Known issues list instead. TY!


Excellent list Dragon!

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Heh, sorry MissCheetah. Was just doing my daily bug report check when I notice the migration went thru so just wanted to get it moved over. Was just glad i was able to “edit” the old post so i can get all the formatting moved at the same time.

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Yeah, I never posted my doc with current issues so am busy formatting right now. Should have it up in about 10 mins. Between your thread and that list it should get most folks on the right track. I have been told TS/CS will put the proper sticky threads up there for general rules.

I have created a topic on the new forum:

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Me too. I updated the link Mask and also removed the blue gob issues as its covered in MC’s known issues post. I’m also prob going end up reformatting this and put some of the most common ones up top. Plus with the ease of linking to posts, if a lot more crop up and i run into post limit issues (forgot to reserve the 2nd post), I can easily use the link to post/reply if its a lot of info and condense it in the main post with a link to the more explanation .

Dragonmaster, you said: Primals are a RARE drop. Bad RNG is not a bug. Primals are about 1 in 400 drop chance.
So I understand the drop chance being 1 in 400 but is it the same for reforging legendary? I have been trying for over a year now, and recently played for about a month to gather enough materials to roll 100 times in a row. I still have no primal! I’ve gotten 15-20 primal drops over the past year. None of them what I need of course. So, is it the same ratio?

Yes, ancient and primal chances are the same from random drops, on Kadala or via reforging, 100 reforges is still not even close to the average.

The individual chance that a legendary will be primal is 1/400 = 0.0025
The individual chance that a legendary will not be primal is 399/400 = 0.9975

The chance of X legendaries not being primal is (399/400)^X

The chance of 100 legendaries not being primal is (399/400)^100 = 0.7786

The chance of 400 legendaries not being primal is (399/400)^400 = 0.3674

The chance of 1000 legendaries not being primal is (399/400)^1000 = 0.0818

So, you shouldn’t be surprised at all that you didn’t get one in 100 reforges, three quarters of people doing that would get exactly the same results as you did.


What a waste of mats. RiP.

100 rerolls is a pretty small sample size. I’ve gotten 2 primals nearly back to back along with a long streak of none. The 1 in 400 averages over many many many thousands of chances. Also don’t take meteor’s numbers into to much context either. Its still based on the average. Just because you didn’t get a primal in 1000 legendaries doesn’t mean your primal chance is very high. It is still the same 1 in 400 on the next drop.

And unless you are basically geared fully in near perfect ancient’s on all gear pieces, reforging for a primal is a waste of mats. If your doing it right, if your targeting primals, they will be very minor upgrades.

Also, I do hate where I cannot bring this post back to the top until someone else posts. If anyone sees this post falling into the pit of hell, can someone help bring it back to the top since 1 person can no longer do it (can’t make back to back posts)

Edit to Boubou’s reply below to not use up my limit. I tried to bring it back up after it got buried by nearly 4 weeks but it gave the error that I had to wait till someone else made a reply first. It doesn’t have to be often as that would be unnecessary bumping but once in a while (esp when some of the non-bugs listed above start cropping up again).

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Hello Dragonmaster,
I found that with #2 that I had a “6 set bonus” with the aid of Royal Ring of Grander with a Monk - solo with the Thunder gear (… proper name eludes me), finished the Lvl 55 GR and it did not log the achievement, activate the icon that pops up to say you got the achievement, or “check the box”. It was the last achievement I needed to complete the last chapter - Guardian, and get the cool wings… This was about 30 minutes ago. So, the wings I was working toward are hosed… Can anything be done?

Well seeing how the season has ended, your character is no longer seasonal. Grated since your post was 12 hours ago i think the season was still going on. Was this your 6th set to finish GR55. If it was not then the conquest wouldn’t have fired and with the delay in the achievement window, it might not have checked off. But it was still counted and once you did 6 different sets at GR55, you would of got the conquest.