Problems with Diablo III

Don’t worry, OP has been driven off the forums and won’t be coming back.
Good job guys on making this community the best it can be.


Not only did the OP come back to the thread, they also thanked people for helping…


You mean friendly, like the OP found it to be?

Sure sounds like the OP got the answer they wanted and thought the community was friendly. Sorry that doesn’t fit with your narrative.


Where does it say, that I can start counting my time with something once I buy it and never touch it again?
So after 10 years I can say truthfully, “I’ve been playing D3 for 10 years?”

This is indeed not telling the truth.

How about this:

“I bought D3 7 years ago and have put in approximately 30 hours.”

“Why does my hero stutter and get stuck?”

Now everyone knows to be nice as this person doesn’t know much about the game.
Snarky will be left for other posters being mean.

OP should have been a little more honest.


I rarely disagree with you Meteorblade, but in this post, I must. Just because OP is a polite person that came back and thanked us doesn’t change the fact that we were rude to him.


They also said we were friendly and kind.
But, I guess you know better than the OP how the OP really feels.

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Keep calm :slight_smile:


I think your sarcasm detector is broken, Meteorblade.

At least, when I read the post I saw it loaded with sarcasm. He wasn’t really saying thank you, in other words.


Fascinating how this thread still going. :popcorn:
Also yeah, OP sounded like pure sarcasm to me as well.


So, I’m not one to drop the word toxic very often because I think it’s overused but damn, this thread is probably a great example. So negative and demeaning toward a player actually giving D3 a chance. What is wrong with this community??? We all look over things in games and sometimes the solution was obvious as hell. It’s great that instead of resorting to neverending Googling, this person instead wanted to talk to real people. Responses like these will only push people toward more anti-social behaviour :-1:

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Talk about adding fuel to the flame.

More like social experiment that we all being part of. :clap: We had such threads back then and it won’t be the last either. Community response haven’t changed one bit.

What do you mean? Negative responses to genuine inquiry affect future social interaction. It happened with me and I’m sure many others. I’m not adding fuel to this dumpster fire, I’m trying to help prevent future dumpster fires before they happen. Where is the looooove

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The stickied Welcome! Please Read thread at the top of General Discussion says…

The search function at the top of the community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, we recommend using search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the information you seek.

A search slow hero gives this thread as the first result…

In which, you’d find…

We also see this issue reported so frequently in the Bug Report forum that it has included in the stickied Things That Are NOT Bugs thread…

Except that a quick Google search…
…gives the solution (i.e. Stone Gauntlets in use) in every single one of the returned results…


Bud, you need to stop being defensive and just acknowledge that not only is your sarcasm detector in serious need of repair, but your reaction to people asking for help needs work. Again, sometimes people just want to talk to other people on the forums about a problem. Just be better to people and try to assume the best intentions. Even if it’s been answered before, there’s no harm in answering it again and if for some reason you can’t handle it, just don’t reply. I’ve been here for ages and have never read that stickied thread. It’s an open public forum, it’s best not try to control it. Just take it as it comes, like life.


Heh, does anyone actually do that though? From what I’ve seen of the world most people try to have as much control as they can get.

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Very true but to extend it to a forum just seems so conducive to ulcers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So… why don’t you practice what you preach?

One thing is not like the other but I’ll just leave it there. Thanks Jazz

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Another thing, by the way. This is not exactly an open public forum.

Als je stone gauntlets draagd dan zou het daar aan kunnen liggen