[A] 12/12M 6 Hour Weekend Mythic Raiding *Pandamonium-Magtheridon*

Pandamonium on US Magtheridon is currently recruiting for our mythic raid team for Ny’alotha! If you want something more heroic focused, we have that covered as well!

CE - HFC, EN, Antorus, BoD, Nya’lotha
7/8M EP

Team 1 Raid Times – 7:00PM-10:00PM EST Saturday & Sunday 12/12M
Team 2 Raid Times - 10:00PM - 1:00AM EST Weds, Thurs 12/12H - Currently on break until SL

*** Team 2 is looking for all roles. Guild supports recruitment and other necessities for this role.

Current Needs at the time of this post are listed below. I will update as it changes.

Team 1 -
Tank - Considering multi-class tanks for Shadow Lands only
Healer - Disc Priest, HPal, will also consider healer with mythic-ready ranged offspec for the remainder of the tier
Ranged - Lock, Mage, Boomkin
Melee - Rogue, DH, Warrior - Melee positions limited until SLs, but still reviewing and considering for the current tier

… but we are interested in mythic caliber players of any role or class!

Application: htt ps://forms.gle/cZwYJ6RNxSBkR1sD9

Why Raid With Pandamonium?

Our group has a long standing history (11 years!) filled with knowledgeable, dedicated players looking to progress through end game content on the highest difficulty. The team’s focus is to be better each time not only per pull, but as players, to continue to grow as a progression team. Our raid environment is focused on progression and our members work together to work through strats and experience content together while maintaining progress throughout the tier. We like to have fun, and killing bosses is fun!

A bonus to our raid is that we have a supportive community within the guild that is active with members who have various other interests so that you have company during off-raid nights. This includes playing other games as well during off-time on guild supported servers!

General requirements include:

  • Commitment to regular attendance to the team - >80% attendance required for progression
  • Ability to use Discord and have working mic.
  • Stable internet connection with little to no disconnects.
  • Required ILVL 465+ preferred, neck lvl 75+
  • Strong preference for previous/recent mythic experience, but not necessary in some cases.

Mandatory Expectations for Mythic Raiders during progression:

  • Complete a M+ appropriate to the current gear cap on weekly chests.
  • Farm Corrupted Mementos to upgrade your cloak.
  • Continue to work on AP for neck for character gear progression with set thresholds to meet for progression.
  • Prepare the fights, to the best of your ability. This includes PTR videos, if necessary, as well as reviewing guild discord strats.
  • Be knowledgeable and flexible with their class and spec.

Feel free to contact me in game with any questions!
Please let us know which team you are looking to join when you message us!

Raid Leader/GM: Atrianna#1646
Discord: Atrianna#6536

9/9M DH LF New Home
445 Resto Shaman LF 2-3 Day CE
[H] 416 Mw LF Mythic Guild
2/9M 413 Destro Warlock Looking for Alliance M Guild
Group of 5 looking for a mythic raiding guild
LongTime CE Priest LF Mythic Progress
Nothing here
LF (A) Mythic raiding guild - WARLOCK
475 Fury Warr LF Mythic raiding guild
474 BM Hunter LF Mythic raiding guild
471 Boomy LF guild
4/12M Fire Mage LF Guild to push CE
LF Guild - 10/12M Hpal
AOTC/CE Player LF active M+/Raid team
LF Weekend Guild
9/12M 477 Hpal LF CE guild
9/12M Holy Priest 475ilvl LF Raiding Guild
8/12M HPAL LF Home *2DAY*
6/12m 472 hpal looking for ce guild
9/12M Hpally LF Guild
10/12M Balance LF late night guild CE guild
:red_circle:[H] 8/12M 478 Rdruid/Balance LF Guild [Illidan]
6/12M 472 HPal Looking for CE Guild
472 Mage or 474 Hunter or 465 Demon Hunter LF Mythic Guild
9/12 M Moonkin with geared alts LF Guild
478 demo warlock LF new raiding home
[A] 473 Disc Priest 6/12M lf long term home
6/12M 471 Fire Mage LFG
[[h] 474 hpriest 4/12 mythic lf guild/raid group]
469 Warlock looking for Mythic raiding guild (4/12 exp)
(A) 478 ilvl Holy Priest 6/12M LFG
12/12H 5/12M Holy Paladin LF Weekend Mythic Raiding Guild
475 7/12M Lock LF Mythic Guild
478 5/12 M Warlock!
Please delete this!
473 Priest & Druid 90%+ parses for Boomkin & Holy.. 2.6k io
479 R Druid LFG 3/12M
6/12M 478 shadow priest lf guild
Mage + DH friend 3/12 M 2300+ io LF new home
472 BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
470 BM Hunter 12/12
454 bm hunter lf weekend raiding guild
470 havoc 3/12M LF Mythic Guild
470 Hunter 3/12M LF 2 Night Guild
Mythic Windwalking Raider LFG
5/12 M 472 BM Hunter LF CE Guild
465 Warlock, 12/12H 3/12M LFG
470 Destro Lock 12/12H LF Mythic Guild
4/12M Hunter Looking
455 Mage LF Semi-Hardcore Guild
6/12M Healer LF Guild
LF active guild for raid progression and M+
2 flexible CE dps lf guild
12/12h 2.1k rio fire mage lf guild
[A] stormrage - Hunter LF weekend raid guild
466 Balance Druid 2/12 Mythic
463 Destrolock AOTC lf Weekend Mythic Guild
463 Hunter with 464 Boomkin Alt looking to push raid content
455 WW Monk - Previous M Experience + Cutting Edge LFG
460+ Rogue
466 Rogue LF mythic/heroic guild [A]
473 AOTC Destro Lock LF weekend mythic guild
Looking for an inclusive adult guild
Closed - 464 Druid Looking
455 Lock looking for a good home
444 Resto 442 Boomkin LF guild
LFG Warlock+Mage
465 2/12m Balance Druid
Plz delete this topic ty
Hunter looking for mythic raiding guild
450 Lock LF H/M Raiding Guild
Myzrael mage LF weekend raids
Delete Please
450 Warlock LF CE Weekend Raiding Team
[A] 445 Mage looking for a Guild
Moonkin and warlock lf 2 day M guild
448 ilvl Mythic exp Resto Drood LF new home
7/8m ep 9/9m bod 8/8m uldir exp disc priest / mw looking for 8.3 guild
[a] {stormrage} 4/8m 440 resto druid lf weekend raiding guild and mythic + team
7/8m ele/resto sham LF new guild for 8.3 and beyond
8/8m Boomkin + 7/8 Rsham
440 shammy lf guild
[A] 7/8 445 r druid/fury war duo lf m guild
Please delete!
Frost DK LF Guild
[A] returning players LF 8.3 Guild
Looking for Raid guild
Going through responses
445 Boomkin/Healer LF 2 Day Guild
[a] {stormrage} 4/8m 440 resto druid lf weekend raiding guild and mythic + team
CE BoD Dh/Boomkin LF 2-3day mythic guild
Looking for raiding guild
LF Weekend Mythic Raiding Guild
441 Mage LF Mythic Guild
Delete please
442 Resto Druid LF AOTC SAT/SUN Guild that raids into M progression
Lock LF Raiding Guild
Please delete
Shadow/disc priest or bal/resto dru LF M guild for 8.3
LF new raiding guild
LF Alliance weekend raiding guild
[A] 445 rdruid and 440 fury war lf guild
442 7/8 M Experience Healer LF Guild
LF mythic raiding guild next tier Warr/multiclass
4/8M 445 hunter looking for new home
Returning player looking for a mythic raiding guild
Resto Druid LF Mythic Guild
Balance Druid/OS Heals LF for Weekend Team
DH/Hunter LF Guild 8.3
Returning raider - LF weekend raid team
Returning player looking for an am or weekend raiding guild
428 Elemental Shaman LF Fri/Sat Raiding guild
LF Progressive Weekend Team Fri/Sat
4/8 M BM Hunter LF weekend raid team
Returning Mage LFG
430 Boomkin LF Weekend Raid Guild
Returning Boomkin and DPS Warrior LF Raiding Guild
7/8 M 443 ilevel Elemental Shaman LFG
3/8M 1.8kio 443 DH LF Mythic Guild- Stormrage
Group of players looking for options
430 Boomkin LF Weekend Raid Guild
8/8m ULd 9/9 BOD 7/8 M EP
[A] 431 66 HoA Holy Priest LF Evening/Weekend Heroic Guild
Heroic Raider and M+ Player looking for something new
440 7/8M Warlock LF 2 Night Raid Starting @8pm CST
DK dps w/OS tank spec reroll with 7/8M xp LF guild
446 Warlock LFG
Returning Boomkin and DPS Warrior LF Raiding Guild
Returning spriest LF Raiding Guild to call home
[A] 440+ 7/8M Monk LF 2 night prog guild
Former us top 200 mythic raider looking for guild after taking a break (undergeared character)
440+ Havoc DH LF CE Guild
445 Rogue w 425 Mage alt lfg
4/8M Sat/Sun only LF Possible Merger
3 friends LF weekend raiding guild
5/8M alt lf weekend raiding guild
4/8 M Rogue LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild in 8.3
7/8M Ret Paladin
433 Returning mythic ele shaman looking for guild
Delete this please no longer need!
3 friends LF weekend raiding guild
448 disc/shadow 7/8M xp
6/8M, Former CE Ret looking for 3-5 days Raiding guild
[A] 440 Mage looking to raid in 8.3 and beyond
432 CE Experienced Balance Druid LF Guild
7/8M Player seeking guild
434 Benthic / 439 mage looking for guild
433 Lock LF Raiding Guild any day except Thursdays
[A] 4/8M LF Merger
438 Shaman LF Guild
7/8M War & Lock LFG [H]
443 ilevel 7/8M Ele sham LFG
443 Lock/435 Fury LF Raiding Guild 3/8m Exp
435? *experienced* rogue LF Alliance semi-casual mythic team
446 boomy/resto lf CE guild
DK and Druid, Looking for a new guild
Multi-Class player LF Weekend Mythic Raiding Guild
444 unholy dk looking for mythic raiding guild
442 DK LF Guild
DK and Druid, Looking for a new guild
443 Lock/435 Fury LF Raiding Guild 3/8m Exp
Cutting Edge Mythic raider LF late night guild
446 3/8M Balance druid LF weeknight raiding guild
Found a guild. Please ignore and take down post, ty
Boomkin LF Raid Guild
7/8M AFF warlock LF Guild
4/8M 440 Havoc LF Mythic Guild
[A] 445 7/8M Holy Priest LFG
3/8M 441 Enh/Ele Shaman LF Mythic Guild
Potential Ex-Raider looking to raid again
LF 2 day, 4 hr/wk raiding guild (either faction)
7/8M 449 ilvl Holy Paladin LFG
Top 80 US Hunter or Rogue LFG
Fury warrior 3/8 mythic lf guild with good prog
447/442 Lock/Enh LF Guild
444 Ilvl R-Sham LF Raiding Guild
Lf Alliance weekend raiding guild
Rogue LF raiding guild!
6/8m LF raiding guild
440 Resto Druid Ex Top 10 Raider LFG
Ex-Cutting Edge Player looking for Sat/Sun guild
3/8m 446 Holy Priest LF raid options
339 Fire Mage (7/8exp) LF guild on azshara
[H] Returning Player Looking For Guild For 8.3
[H] Zul'jin Based Player 5/8M: Willing to Relocate under right circumstances
437 4/8M Warlock LF GUILD
I Found A Home, Please Delete
[H] 447 Veng DH LF Raiding/M+ Guild
Returning Raider Looking for a guild
Group of 4 LF M Raid Guild - closed
4/8M Hunter LF guild
446 Balance Druid LF Mythic
Boomkin/Resto LFG
442 Fury War / Prot OS LF Guild
6/8M feral druid LFG
Returning Raider Needs Home
8/8M Warlock LF 2-weekday prog guild [Horde]
Returning Mythic Raider Looking For a Home
Returning Raider Looking for a guild
3 4/8M exp people looking for two night guild
Two 4/8M Raiders Lookin for guild!
BrM/WW Monk and Spriest LF Raiding Guild
443 F warrior looking for new home
6/8 Mythic disc priest LF guild for 8.3
Delete Post
437 3/8m mage lf raiding guild
8/8 [H] Warlock LF 2-weekday prog guild
445 Boomy LF Weekend raiding guild
441 4/8M H Bal Druid LFG
[H] 7/8M Fury War & Lock LFG
6/8M Outlaw/Assa Rogue LFG
Hunter LFG 6/8 M EP
436 ilvl 3/8M Boomkin
5/8 M Resto Shaman LF 2 day raiding guild
5/8 Ele/Resto Shaman LF Guild
440 Paladin LF Weekend Raiding Guild:
Looking for a Mythic raiding guild
5/8 M Resto Shaman LF 2 night mythic raiding guild
Alliance boomy LFG
Spriest Main LF Home
3/8M 440 Disc Priest LF Weekend Raiding guild
4/8M Balance Druid LFG
Multiple CE Mage LF weekend guild
[4/8 M] 2 RPDS & 1 HEAL looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
LF Guild, Alliance, Holy/Shadow Priest
6/8m exp resto/boom or shadow/disc priest potentially LF mythic guild
Resto/Balance Druid LF - Alliance guild
443 BM Hunter w/ 2 alts looking for Guild
Mythic druid LF Guild [A]<Stormrage>
428 ilvl lock lf guild
(H) 448 Hpally 5/8M exp LF a mythic raiding guild
[A] 444 Ret Paladin LF CE Oriented Raiding
Returning Hunter main looking for new home
440 Ret, Returning player LF Active Guild
Long time end game player looking for home!
5/8M BM HUNTER looking for CE GUILD
6/8M 446 Fury Warrior | LF CE Guild Late EP | 8.3
Multi 430+ toons New Home 8.3
[H] 7/8 M 447 Resto Druid looking for new home
440 Hunter LF Guild
430 SPriest Looking for a home!
5/8M Mage LFG
430 Multi Cutting Edge Warlock Lf Guild 5/8M EXP
6/8 m Boomy 440 68 neck full Benthic
Looking for guild for EST raiding
7/8M Exp Alts LF Weekend Raiding Guild!
420+ ilvl Warlock (Playing 14yrs) LF LateNight PST PvE Guild
4 raiders LF new home 5/8M
[H] Disc priest LF 6+/8M Guild
7/8M Exp Alts LF Weekend Raiding Guild!
440 Mage 7/8M 9/9M LF 2-3 Night Guild
6/8M Balance / Multiclass Player
436 H Priest LF progression
3DPS 1Tank Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
2/8M Holy/Disc Priest
434 Shadow Priest looking for mythic guild
[H] [6/8M] 447 Moonkin/Resto Druid LF New Home [7/8M+]
Demo Lock LF Guild
[H] 5/8M Mage LFG
5/8M holy/ret LF raiding guild prefer Alli can play horde
441, 3/8m Boomie LFG
441 Hunter Ex Top 10 Raider LFG
6/8M Boomkin LF mythic guild
4/8M Ele Shaman Looking for guild
3/9M warrior dps/holy pally looking for raid team
445 Resto Shaman Looking for Guild
441 Fire mage 7/8 M LF EST raid guild
7/8m Boomkin+ 7/8m rsham
434 6/8M raider looking for new home!
445 Affliction Warlock 67 heart 3/8M looking for guild Tychondrius
4 raiders LF home
LF a raiding guild
445 BDK and 445 ele sham LF semi hardcore guild
Holy paladin looking for new home ILVL 440
434 Affliction lock lf late night or weekend raid
[H] 448 Holy/Disc Priest 7/8M LF high end CE Guild
448 Disc priest LF core team
Ranged DPS LFG 437 Fire Mage
NO longer looking thank you <3
443 Disc Priest LF Mythic Raiding (3/8M + 65 Neck)
[A] 440 disc priest 3/8M LF Raiding guild
434 Shadow Priest looking for mythic guild
SPriest 4/8 M LF raiding guild
Small group LF 6/8M+ Guild
Please Delete
438 Spriest LF guild
438 Boomy LF New Home :)
3/8M Resto shammy & Feral druid LFG
3/8M Balance Druid LF guild pushing CE
9/12M 472-474 Shadow / 477 Disc LF Guild
6/12m, 2k .io 475 resto druid w/ ce experience lf mythic team
475 Equipped Hpally LF 2 or 3 night CE
6/12M H Pal LF guild that raids on weekends
475 Holy Priest LFG 7/12M exp
473 Destro Warlock 6/12 Mythic Looking For Guild
6/12M 472 BM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
8/12 boomkin/hpriest/hunter looking for a new home!
472ilvl Mage Looking for a Very Active And very social Raiding guild
6/12M Ranged DPS LF Guild
[H] 473 Holy priest/ 473 boom/Resto Druid LF guild
LF Fri-Monday raiding guild. 470ilvl. 2kio. 5/12M exp
3 Ex-US Top 100 Mythic Raiders LF Weekend Mythic Guild
[A] Mythic raider looking for active guild
469 fire mage (4/12 exp) lf guild / raid team
478 Rogue, 6/12M LF Guild
5/12 M Warlock LF raiding guild
475 AOTC Destro Lock LF weekend mythic guild
6/12M Player LF Weekend Raiding
467 Warlock LF Guild
460 Warlock LFG
3/12M 465 BM Hunter
3/12M 468 ilvl BM hunter LF Guild
Mage & Priest duo LF guild
LF weekend raiding guild
[H] 3/12 M Warrior/Warlock
4/12M 470 BM Hunter
H-472 boomy 6/12m LFG
470 Rogue and Mage LFG
475 2k IO DH 5/12M NYA lf new home
468 Fire Mage <Alliance>
[H] 472/474 3/12M Ret lf 2-3 night a week CE guild
H 472 boomkin LFG 6/12m
[A] 432 SPriest LF mythic EP progression
Three Raiders LF Weekend Team
434 Ele Sham / 434 All Warlock LF Raiding Guild
433 Fire Mage LFG 3/8M AOTC
5 3/8M Experienced raiders LFG
LFG - Group of 4
[A] AOTC 433 Warlock Looking for Weekend Mythic Raiding/ M+ Guild
440 Disc/Holy Priest LF Mythic guild
(A) AOTC 429 Warlock lf M weekend raiding guild
3/8 m 436ilvl Holy/Disc Priest with equivalent shadow set
435 Resto/Ele Shaman LF M+ & H/M Raid Guild
430 Demo Lock LF Raiding Guild
422 disc/hpriest former CE LF social/active raiding guild
434 aff/demo lock 8/8h 1/8m exp
Former top 20 US boomkin LF C/E Weekend guild
LF CE guild
432 Priest Heal/DPS LF Mythic weekend Guild
[A] Discipline Priest Seeking Guild -- 9/9M CE BoD, 8/8H EP, 2434 RaiderIO (S2)
438 resto shaman LF mythic EP raiding guild
Experienced Healer looking to return
Returning 421 ilvl Shadow/Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild
Disc Heals looking for Mythic raiding guild
431 R. Sham LF Mythic Guild - Area 52 (H)
Healer LF Mythic Guild (former US top 50 raider)
8/8N 417 Disc Priest LF H/M EP, M+ Guild
Rsham/Ele lf Heroic/Mythic Guild
421 Resto/ele sham LF weekend or late night guild
422ilv Holy priest
Rsham LF Heroic/mythic guild
426 Disc Priest lf Mythic Raiding
427 rshaman, versatile healer 3/8M, LF CE guild
426 Priest Ally only. LF Guild or M+ team
Mod please close thread
421 Shadow/423 Disc Priest LF Guild
[H] 432 Resto Shaman LFG
423 Shadow Priest Looking for Mythic
412 Spriest Alt LF Raid
416 resto shaman looking for guild
Resto druid/MW and resto shaman LF late night
Holy/Disc Priest w/ CE Lf Raiding Guild
[H][US][Area 52] 3 friends LF raid team
(H) 417 Disc/Holy Priest LF H/M Raiding Guild
415 Ele/Resto Shaman LF Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild
9/9m BoD Shadow Priest dps Lf Raiding Guild
(Dalaran) 415 Mage LF M+/Raiding Guild
Former CE Healer LF Guild
Disclipline Priest LF 2-night Mythic guild
[A] 416 Priest LF CE guild
9/9M RESTO/ELE Shaman LF Alliance 2-3 day guild
9/9M CE Warlock AND Resto Druid Looking
412 Rsham, former top 10 us raider LF late night
Warlock and Mage looking for Heroic/Mythic raiding
420 9/9M Warlock LF Alliance Guild
411ilv 7/9m (CE xp) Boomy lf guild
[A] Boomkin/Rdruid LF Guild
[H] Disc/SPriest 400ilvl LF Evening Raiding ***Guild Found***
8/8m, 9/9m, Holy/Disc Priest Lf Raiding Guild
Disclipline Priest LF 2-night Mythic guild
AOTC raider returning to game needs guild
Resto Shaman LF Saturday Night Raid Group
Returning progression raider (wotlk) looking for progression guild that'll have me
[H] shaman ele or resto looking for raiding guild
[A or H] Shaman and Warlock looking for semi-casual East Coast raiding guiild
Rsham and h priest lf ce guild
416 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Guild
Restro Sham+Priest
415 Destro Warlock LF high end mythic progression
9/9M 414Item lvl Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild
Resto Shman LF M guild
415 Ele Shaman LF 2 Day Mythic Guild
[A] 9/9 M CE SPreist 414 LF CE/HoF Guild
Looking For A Home! 417 Lock
415ilvl 5/9M healer LFG
[h] 417 9/9m rsham with logs
416 Boomkin/Resto Flex
419 lock Looking for Guild
3/9 M boomy lfg ilvl 409
No longer searching
8/9M 417 Warlock LF Weekend Raiding Guild
415 Warlock
5/9 M XP raider LF Mythic Guild
7/9M 415 Ele/resto flex shaman
Boomy-hunter looking for Saturday Sunday Monday raiding guild
Boomy + Hunter LF Raiding Guild
407DH or 406 Warlock (3/9M) LF 2-3 day mythic guild
417 8/9M Hunter LF Guild
413 warlock main is 9/9m
415 Boomy LF M Raiding Guild
[A] 415 Ele Shaman (3/9M) & 416 Resto Shaman(6/9M) LFG
2/9M MW LF raidng guild on scilla
413 6/9M ele sham LF Mythic guild
6/9M 419 Resto Shaman LF weekend raiding guild
8/9m Ele shaman
Delete pls :)
[H] Group of Friends Looking for Mythic Guild
411 Warlock LF Guild
8/9 M Mage looking for guild
413 resto shaman(H) [Malganis]
Feral/Balance off-spec looking for Mythic Raid & M+
411 BM Hunt. 3/9M w/ 5/9M xp. LF Raiding Guild. [A or H]
412 DH 8/9M experience lf weekend guild
4/9M exp Resto Druid LF Raiding guild
Looking to transfer for guild
417 Resto/Balence Druid looking for Guild
6/9M Multiclasser LF Mythic Raid Guild
Shaman lf raiding guild or m+ guild
411 BM Hunt. 3/9M w/ 4/9M xp. 2/2H CoS
5/9m 415 dh lfg
4/9M Ele-Shaman LF Guild
>>> 7/9M - Tank or DPS <<<
9/9 M Balance Druid LFG
Please delete
H 413 ELE Sham LFG 6/9m
411 4/9M Destro/Afflicc Lock LF Mythic Raiding Guild [Zul'jin]
410 Monk lf weekend raiding guild
417 BM Hunter 8/9M LF Raid team w/ open seats
LFG Weekend 419 R.Druid 7/9m
6/9m BoD, 8/8 CE Uldir DH LF guild
413 ww monk illidan
413 Mage with 6/9M exp LF guild
Please Ignore
Multiple 7/9M Raiders LF new Home
7/9 mythic experience LFG
413 Resto Shaman LF Guild Illidan
4/9M Rdruid
404 Balance Druid 3/8M LF Late night guild or weekend
8/9M Resto Druid LFGuild
415 Havoc DH 4/9M LF Mythic Raiding Guild
418 Frost Mage LF Mythic Guild
403 Hunter LF Weekend Raid team
411 balance druid LF guild
414 8/9M Spriest/412 Hunter LF CE Guild
414 7/9M Boomy LF new home
410 rsham looking for weekend or day guild
417 7/9 M Priest looking for new home
410 Destro Lock 9/9H 3/9M 4/9XP lf Mythic raiding guild
9/9H 400ilvl Boomy LF Mythic Opportunity
3/9M 411 Destro Lock LF Mythic Raiding Guild
(H) 9/9H 405/400 ww/bm monk LF a new home
7/9M Boomkin, Lf Guild. Previous CE Raider
412 Moonkin LF Guild
7/9m xp 415ilvl Ele Sham LF Guild
5/9M Boomkin LF Mythic CE Guild
Returning 5/9m Lf raid team
[US][H] 3/9M 408 Spriest LF raiding team
414 BM hunter LF raid
414 SPRIEST Looking for Guild!
6/9M 410 Shadow priest LF guild
3/9 M 413/// 3k r1 xp in pvp
412 MM Hunter 5/9M LF mythic raiding
Guild looking to be absorbed
407 Ele Shaman Looking for Guild! The Scryers - Argent Dawn - Willing to realm change :)
5/9M 414 druid (boomy) looking for guild
412 Hunter LF Competitive Home
413 hunter LF guild
414 6/9M Balance Druid LF Raid Guild
6/9 Resto/Balance Druid LF guild
410 ilvl hunter lf mythic bod and 8.2 onwards
413 Hunter LF Mythic Raiding Guild
412 equipped 6/9M Balance Looking for new home
408 Warlock looking for raiding guild heroic and Further
6/9 Resto/Balance Druid LF guild
Returning 5/9m Lf raid team
415 Resto Druid LF Raid Group
7/9M 415 boomy lf guild
7/9m xp 415ilvl Ele Sham LF Guild
3/9M 411 Shadow priest LF alliance guild
6/9M Hunter and Moonkin LF new Home
[Illidan] Washed up MW LF Guild
1 Healer, 2 RDPS and 2 MDPS 4/9M LF Raid
406 resto/ele lf friendly guild
Guild Found- Delete
7/9M Moonkin
413/415 8/9M Boomkin LF CE Guild
7/9M Resto/Balance Druid (or other) LFGuild
6/9M 414resto shaman looking for guild
7/9 mythic Ele Shaman LF home
404 resto druid. lf mythic and m+
409 Rdruid 5/9M (main) 2/9M
403 Resto Druid LFG (weekends because of job new schedule)
410 Warlock 4/9 M on Illidan US
408 Warlock looking for raiding guild heroic and Further
7/9M 417 resto shaman LF 2-3 day Raid Team
Please delete
407 Warlock LF raiding Guild
Hello. 414 Lock (All 3 specs)
400/393 Destro Lock/Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
Resto 6/9M LF Guild
Resto/ele sham
6/9M 413 Warlock lf early morning or weekend guild
410 Resto Druid, 3/9 M LF Mythic raiding guild
411 resto druid lf mythic raid
[A] 403 Resto Druid, 400 Boomkin Possibly Looking for New Home
400 Lock/Looking for Heroic/Mythic Guild
[A] Resto druid LF Mythic guild
410 Druid looking for guild
[A] [FM] 402 MW - Returning raider LF Guild
411 Mythic CE Warlock LF Home
396 resto shaman looking for weekend raid team
Lock w/ mythic experience
3 Mythic Raiders looking for new home
4/9M 407ilvl Boomie LF night raiding guild No Ali
408 ret/holy/prot LF 2 day or less mythic raiding
Resto druid looking for a guild
411 MM/BM Hunter LF Horde Guild
411 Lock / 411 DH / 411 WW/MW LFG
[H] 3/9M 414 WW Monk (1540io)
{A} 5/9 XP Resto druid LF Guild
406 Resto Druid LF Guild
406 6/9M Lock lf 2d/week guild
4/9M former CE Boomy/Hunter
403 [9/9H] Ele Shaman LFG
435 NE Boomkin & Resto| Hellscream | LF M+ and Guild
4 raiders LF new home 5/8M
443 Balance Druid LFG
[A] Warrior Tank/DPS & Resto Druid LF Raiding/M+ Guild, open to realm transfers!
Warrior dps and Priest heals looking for a home
Guild found
<A> Warlock Ilvl 440
441 Havoc DH LF raid guild
435 Arms warrior or 437 prot looking for a active guild
440 Mage LF Casual Guild
4/8M Fury Warrior LFG
Resto/Ele LF Weekend group
442 Beastmaster with 4/8 mythic exp
6/8m War dps LFG
Retired for now
5/8 Mythic Boomkin/Resto LF 1 day or weekend Guild
[H] 450 Resto Shaman LF Home
7/8M BM hunter lf raiding
445 warlock 7/8M LFG
434 BM Hunter LF Mythic Prog Guild
437 Havoc DH and Mage LFG
7/8M exp player LFG 5/8M+ fri/sat for fire mage
6/8 M Elite Hunter needs Final home
Mistweaver Monk LF Mythic raiding guild
Boomkin LFG Raid Guild
433 4/8M Lock LF Mythic Raid team
BM Hunter LF Raid Team. 443 M+ Gear. 436 Raid gear
442 Lock LF Raiding Guild(A)
439 Priest
449 6/8M Holy Pally LFG
8/8m xp DH Lf guild
6/8m resto shaman
5/6 solid raiders LF 5/8M or better guild on A-52
4/8M 447 Resto Druid + 443 Fury Warrior
Healer And Dps Returning for 8.3 Lf Raiding guild
Resto druid LF mythic progression
438 Lock 4/8M Exp
4/8m spriest or ww monk looking for weekend raid team
425 ilvl returning rsham lf weekend raiding guild - 4/9m exp last tier
Returning Spriest/Warlock
435 holy/prot lf raiding guild
Delete plz
DUO looking for CE guild (WAR Mage/priest)
431 Resto druid LF 2 n/w guild
Ranged Hunter / Melee player LF Raid team
7/8M Boomkin LF New Guild
5/8 M Ele Shaman LF Guild
Shadow Priest and WW Monk LF Guild
No Longer needed
445 R Druid LFG
Spriest/Holy offspec LF CE Guild
[A] 7 Toons all 430+ ilvl and 67+ neck
[A] Mythic Raider/M+ LF Home
Ex-Top 10 US BFA Healer LF Weekend Guild
410 Fire Mage 4/9M LF Guild
380 [A] resto druid - Turalyon
409 Havoc DH 1/9M LF Progression Guild
[H] 409 Warlock 3/9M BoD LF Guild
401 mw monk
4/9 Mythic Moonkin LF Guild
Found a guild
Returning Tank LF home
413 mage 6/9M looking for guild
400 Demo Lock LFG (Raid and Mythic+)
Group of 4 Looking for Weekend Guild
406 Havoc DH LFG
405 Holy Paladin LF 2-day mythic guild
412 5/9M and 8/8M Shaman
Hunter LF Raid Team
Ret Paladin 407 LF Mythic Progression Raid Team
412 HPal lf guild
411 ilvl Warlock 5/9m
3/9m 405 Ele shaman/resto ospec lf raiding guild
414 WW Monk 3/9 LF Fri/Sat guild
399 DH [H] DPS Illidan LF guild
8/8m 6/9m lock looking for a home
408 Resto Druid LF Fri/Sat Guild
4/9M 9/9H, Exceptional player looking for new fit
6/9M Tank LF Guild
412 Holy Paladin lf mythic raiding guild
403 Prot Pally LF Mythic Guild
MW monk mythic experience lf guild
Returning Healer LF Raiding Guild
407 ret pally lf guild
Veteran Tank LF Guild
408 DH 6/9M. Looking for guild!
Ilvl 400 Brewmaster Monk looking for weekend raiding guild
406 Ret Pally LFG
Delete This Please
5/9M Fury Warrior (or Holy Pally) LFG
404 warlock/dk LF raiding guild to start mythic
399 Blood DK 9/9HC AOTC lf raiding guild
410 almost 411 DH looking to get CE 2/9M exp
8/9 H (2/9 M) BrM Tank Looking for Team
400++ Skilled dps+Healer LF raid team
413 MW 7/9M looking for Mythic guild
397 2/9 M Mistweaver LFG
402 Fury warrior LF Guild
411 mage looking for mythic guild
3/9M 411 Havoc DH LF Mythic Guild
3/9M 411-Assassin 408-Outlaw Rogue testing the waters
4 friends 3/9 M LF 2 day a guild
[H] 405 Solid Ret Paladin LF 2 Day Mythic Raiding Guild
2 AOTC Raiders LF Guild
401 Ret pally LF a Semi-hardcore guild to call home
407 Prot/Ret Pally (Area 52) Lf Mythic Guild
404 Resto Sham LF Mythic Guild
404 unholy/bdk 4/9h looking for guild
404 Holy pally and 2 others looking for east coast guild
3/9 M 407 Holy Priest and 412 Havoc DH Combo LF new Home
H player looking for 2 night Mythic guild
[402 Balance] [9/9H] Looking to push into mythic
403 Shadow / 403 MW LF Alliance Home
411 Shadow Priest 3/9M LF Progress
405 MM Hunter
410 AotC, 1/9M Mage LF Sat/Sun Guild
400 Resto Druid LF return
408 Boomkin 9/9H and 1/9M LF CE guild!
410 b-dk lf mythic progression
3/9M 407 prot warrior / or 389 R druid
402 Blood DK LF 2-night horde guild Heroic or Mythic
407 Holy Priest 2/9M LF guild
406 ilvl lock. All 3 specs
(H) 404 Brewmaster 9/9H IF GUILD PLUS OTHERS
Top 100 player CE Uldir Mage LF weekend raiding
408 RET LF Weekend Raid Group
404 BM Hunter LF Weekend raiders alliance side
Three DPS looking for guild
412 3/9M Rogue LF Mythic Guild
396 2/9M Fury Warrior LFG
407 DPS Warrior LF 2/3day Mythic Progression Guild
390 Spriest/400 Enhance LF night/weekend guild
9/9H 1/9M Rdruid+hunter LF Casual weekend
[H] 410 MW + 406 Spriest
[A] 403 Hunter 9/9H LF Raiding GUild
410 Lock 4/9M lf guild
Resto Druid or MW Monk LF Mythic Guild
Guild found, Thanks everyone
402 Resto/400 MW LF guild
Warlock lf weekend raid,
406 ilvl Mage 3/9M Looking for guild
[H] 3 Mythic raiders LF weekend guild
405 MM Hunter
405 Ele Sham LF CE Guild
[h] 5/9m 411 mw/ 406 spriest
[A] 400 RDruid Heals LFG
Delete this post
[A] 404 ilvl Moonkin LF 2-3 Night Raid Team
405 Demo 1/9m AOTC LF Mythic Guild
403+ CE Boomie & Mage Group LF 2-Night
405 Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild
404 BM Hunter LF Weekend raiders alliance side
408 Ret LF Weekend Raid Group
403 Prot Warr & 406 MW Monk LF Weekend Raid Team
406 Warlock LFG
404 balance druid (1/9m) lf semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild
408 Lock 3/8m LF weekend guild
9/9H 403 Boomkin LF guild
403+ CE Boomie & Mage Group LF 2-Night
Lock LF M progression Guild
404 Boomkin LF High level mythic group
Please delete
Skilled tank lf M raiding guild
401 Shadow/Holy Priest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Ivl 400 mage LF guild
394 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild
395 Spriest LF CE Guild (H)
403 shadow/holy priest LF late night guild
Found a spot and this needs more char
Tank/dps and dps looking for mythic raiding guild
406 ret pali lf mythic prog guild
405 Prot Or Arms Warrior LFG
396 1/9M (8/8H) boomkin LF guild
403 Havoc DH 9/9H 1/9M LF mythic level guild
392 BM Monk LF Late Night Raiding!
Raiders Looking For Weekends
403 Blood DK Looking to join raiding guild
402 Prot Pally LF Raiding guild
393 Blood Dk LF guild
405 3/9M SPriest LF [A] Guild
400+ CE Players LF 2-night Guild
[H/A] 401 BDK/UH and 394 Hpriest LF heroic/mythic
386 Blood DK (5/9 H exp) LF Mythic Raid Team
391 Lock looking for weekend guild
398 mythic experienced prot warr LF guild
Delete this please,,,
CE 400 ret pally and hunter LF CE Guild
397 BrM LF Guild
404 Restoration Shaman - 1/9M 9/9H LF Friday/Saturday Night Raiding Guild
393 Spriest LFG or resto druid 379
393 Boomy 1/9m 5/9H LF 3 day Hc/Semi hc Guild
406 ret pali lf mythic prog guild
403 affliction warlock (9/9H, 7/8M)
399 DH Blood Elf LFG
405 Blood DK 1/9M LFG
LF Heroic/Mythic Guild - Warlock/Healer
401 Boomkin LF guild
LF Sat/Sun Raid Team
397 MW 9/9H lf mythic progression guild
403 Blood DK with 7/8M Experience, looking for a Mythic Raiding Guild
393 Spriest LFG or resto druid 379
395 Shadow/disc LF weekend guild
9/9H 389 boomy lf M guild
2 players looking for raid team
385 BM monk LF raiding guild, not W/Th
Delete this please
393 5/9H Prot Pally LF Guild
MW and BDK Looking for Group
380 Blood DK Looking for Casual/Semi-Casual Guild
390 warlock LFG
Previous CE , 391 prot warrior LF Mythic Team
390 DH Havoc LF weekend mythic guild
7/8M 387 BrM Tank LF Guild
Ilvl 380 Hunter LF Semi-Hardcore Guild
6/9 h warlock/dh dps 389 IL lfg
375+ DH, Druid, and hunter LF heroic/light mythic guild
382 Survival Hunter LFGuild
384 Arms Warrior (7/8M) LF weekend mythic raid
380 rogue LF Mythic progression raid
388 DH lf CE guild (no longer searching)
386 ilvl Retribution Paladin 2/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N
Ilvl 388 rogue lf guild for BoD
[A][H] 479 12/12M Dpriest LF weekend(fri/sat) Cutting edge guild!
3/8M Balance druid LF Guild
478 ilvl 8/12m Holy Paladin LF guild
Lock or healer
474 Destro lock
11/12M 473BM Hunter LF M Guild

Current needs 1/16/19

Current Needs 1/17/19

Current Needs 1/18/19

Current Needs 1/19/19

Current Needs 1/20/19

Current Needs 1/21/19

Current Needs 1/22/19
Feral Druid

Current Needs 1/23/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW
Feral Druid
Demon Hunter

Current Needs 1/24/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW
Feral Druid
Demon Hunter

Current Needs 1/25/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW
Feral Druid
Demon Hunter

Current Needs 1/28/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid.
Demon Hunter
Tank - Strong preference for Monk/DK, will consider others.

Current Needs 1/29/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid.
Demon Hunter
Tank - Strong preference for Monk/DK, will consider others.

Current Needs 1/31/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid.
Demon Hunter
Tank - Strong preference for Monk/DK, will consider others.

Current Needs 2/1/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid.
Demon Hunter
Tank - Strong preference for Monk/DK, will consider others.

Current Needs 2/2/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid.
Demon Hunter
Tank - Strong preference for Monk/DK, will consider others.

Current Needs 2/3/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid.
Demon Hunter
Tank - Strong preference for Monk/DK, will consider others.

Current Needs 2/4/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid/priest
Melee - Rogue, Demon Hunter, Feral,
Ranged - Moonkin, Mage, Spriest
Tank - Strong preference for Warrior/Monk, will also consider Pally.

Current Needs 2/5/19
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid/priest
Melee - Rogue, Demon Hunter, Feral,
Ranged - Moonkin, Mage, Spriest
Tank - Strong preference for Warrior/Monk, will also consider Pally.

Current Needs 2/6/19
Tank - Strong preference for Warrior/Monk, will also consider Pally. - High Priority
Healer - Strong preference for MW, will also consider druid/priest
Melee - Rogue, Demon Hunter, Feral,
Ranged - Moonkin, Mage, Spriest