Boomy-hunter looking for Saturday Sunday Monday raiding guild

recently returned about 2 months ago i left in the beginning of mist im Currently 3/9m 2/2h lf a semi hardcore raiding guild for the weekends i start a new job and wont be able to raid during the week as i wont be home till 3am est please add me or reply for anyone interested thank you :slight_smile:
415bm hunter
Btag shunbag#1469

are you wanting to stay horde?

Nope ill transfer to alliance i do not mind

Hello, we are recruiting:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST
Progressing on Heroic Crucible and Mythic BoD


Guild Master: Fiege
BNET: Fiege#1567